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12 year old paintballer.

Hey guys I just turned twelve in December and I have been saving up money by mowing peoples lawns and shoveling snow. Anyways I was wondering if you guys have any other ideas for making money for the sport when you cant get a job since your young like me.
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ask for money instead of gifts for birthday/christmas? and choose equipment carefully so you don't waste any cash.
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When I was your age, I made my money babysitting. If you're at all good with children, sitting in on someone's child is a good way to make money fast. I also tutor kids in math and trade stock online. Hell, I got a 300% return on investment from that Bit-coin fiasco last months. From 350$ to 1200$ in a week. The world is your oyster!

edit: Henious is right and also, for context, I'm 18
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Watching animals as well can help your financial growth at your age.

There are also good will hunters who buy and resell products for money. This can be abit tricky however.
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so i super durped and there was no oring on the top i dont know why i though there was lol

Now that i have said that on the internet it will never be forgotten X_X
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48 weeks.
Hang your head in shame, you missed it. It was magnificent.
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ask to work at the local field in exchange for paint and entry
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Paintball Guns > Tuition
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Watch out for your wallet, while you are browsing the Sales threads here at MCB...
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Just smooth and easy like a toothless hooker!

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Realize the gear does not make the player. Be satisfied with whatever equipment you have whether it be rental, a 98 Custom, or the latest and greatest. Focus on having fun.

The money you save with that attitude will more than make up for the money you don't make.
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Originally Posted by Allerstern View Post
ask to work at the local field in exchange for paint and entry
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If you build it, we will spend.
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All you need is paint and air, absolutely any marker will work. Dig up a nice old nelson based pump from B/S/T here ($50 or less) and then see if you can work something out with your local field for paint and air. Back when I was playing exclusively stock class pump, I'd shoot maybe 100 shots in a busy weekend. It was a blast, and really cheap fun.
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I'd agree with you lordkyle any marker will work as long as you have paint and air. I'd say for someone just starting out going straight to pump might be a bit too steep of a learning curve. With that said you can grab a decent semi like a Kaos for $60-70 on here and a tank is about $40-50 and a sportshot or primo is $10 or so. I'd say for someone the OP's age mowing lawns and babysitting is the best bet to raise funds. Though with that said If the local field owner is willing to let him trade labor for paint and entry that's not a bad idea either. I'd say start by offering to clean the field after days of play for example if you have a tac town layout offer to hose down and clean the outsides of the buildings and such or if there is an airball field offer to clean the bunkers and help with teardown and putting away. Once the OP is a few years older he may be able to step up and ref games on the weekends or something. I know one of the refs at my home field isn't even 16 yet but he does a great job running games and keeping a tight ship.

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