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I use the same 68/4500 on all my markers. It's an empire bottle with a ninja reg.
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I find a ninja 45/4500 very versatile. I use it on multiple markers, some less efficient, some that I like to shoot more paint with. It's good for double games and weak fill stations. It is a little overkill for a more efficient pump on a field with a good 4.5k fill station, but it's not heavy. The length is about the same as a 13 ci bottle.

If you have only one marker in mind, match the amount of paint you can get through that marker, as it is, by cubic inch on a fill from your field. Some of our fields only do 3k. Some say they do 4.5k, but it is actually 3.5k. If your main field is like that, a 4.5k bottle isn't that helpful pressure-wise, but the extra volume might be.
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Sorry for crappy pictures, but its better than nothing!

IMG_6234 by EPICBYTES, on Flickr
IMG_6235 by EPICBYTES, on Flickr
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I usually run a 13/3000. The tank by itself is a bit too short so I glued a tennis ball to a 2" PCV female to female coupler. The PVC gives me an extra inch and a half of length and fits the tanks securely, but is easily removable. Works like a charm. I've never really checked exact shot count for efficiency, but I know I get more than 220 shot on a 3000 psi fill. If I'm playing outlaw where fills are not regularly available I'll swap to a Crossfire 45/4500. Same length as a 68/4500, but much lighter. One fill will last me all day.

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8, 13, or 17ci, depending on the marker and field. Some are better with air fills than others; long lines and no self fills = 17ci. Everything is vertical or Hawaiian, so I don't really care about length.
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I use a 13/3k for OC play. Works well but since it is so short I have to flip my OOPS' rail backwards to give it an extra inch. Gonna give a 17/3k or a 22/3k a try sometime down the line.

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I mainly use my 68/45 because I like the way it feels due to the length and the rounded end and I play a lot of big games so air is a priority even though I'm using the spring feed on my sniper and its just the right length
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Is that person on here still making paracord covers for the 13ci tanks? I have one for mine that's pretty nice.

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Originally Posted by JLuke View Post
Is that person on here still making paracord covers for the 13ci tanks? I have one for mine that's pretty nice.
take a picture of that for me? Might be fun to make
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I use a 45/45 or a 68/45 depending on what OC pump I am running. My problem with the 13/30 is I shoot too much I even run out of air using my hammer7 with mags only.
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