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Sheridan P-68 thread issue.

Hello all; I'm in need of a good suggestion.

I was disassembling my Sheridan p-68AT one night to remove the grip frame and attach it somewhere else....

when i began to unscrew the forward screw I noticed it was not coming out.

after finally getting it out by putting some sideways tension on it I heard a piece of metal bouncing around in the front tube. After inspecting the tube i noticed that the threads in the forward screw hole were gone.

I now have this bell shaped piece of steel with no way of getting it back into place.

I tried to remove the crimped metal part in order to reset the thread but its stuck in there real good.

What are my options? do I drill and tap it for a larger hole or just hit it with a ballpeen hammer?

Edit: now I thought for sure I posted this in the "ask the experts" section.

Mods, please move.

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What you need is a new nutsert

I have a extra one if you want it.
You will need a nutsert tool or a

8/32" nut,bolt and washer a least 1" long.

Screw nut onto bolt,add washer then nutsert.
Insert into hole and hold bolt from moving and tighten down on nut.
The pressure on nutsert and bolt will compress nutsert.
Be carefull not to tighten to much. ( just enough to lock nutsert down and a bit more).
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Thanks WALZ, I'll go to the hardware store monday and see what I can find. If I don't, expect a PM
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