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I would almost lean more toward your dad. Anyone can run up on a bunker and yell surrender! But it takes some paying attention and knowledge to realize someone's doing it, then turn the tides.

Ya... I would have sided with your dad, the one who was cool about it, and not whiney. I really can't stand whiney people who think they're god's gift to paintball... especially when they get all bent out of shape over a rec./woodsball game.
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I'm with sam on this I would have place one ball either in the gogs or square in the chest before he could say anything.
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Shoot 'em.

That being said your Dad did the right thing not argueing. The ref is God, right or wrong. He should have offered to change the other guys diaper.
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Your dad should have shot that guy in the crotch.

He's obviously lacking man junk if he was whining like a woman and having a temper tantrum. Must've gotten his panties bunched up in his vagina.
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I'd shot him. Then when he whined I'd a shot at his feet yelling "DANCE VERMINT DANCE!"

Well I would of shot him anyways.
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I like the shot to the dome idea personally. If you come to my bunker, your ready to pull the trigger on me arent you? He who has a quicker trigger finger in this situation wins!
But I would have to agree that the ref is an idiot.
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I feel that if you want me to play by a 10ft rule you should not bunker me. I have been at this for well over 10 years and I know when I am about to be bunkered too. I sit on my butt, legs crossed, and lean back as far as I can and wait for a head to pop around the edge of my bunker...... Then I shoot it.
If you choose to engage a bunker you should be expecting that. If you sneak up on someone..... thats when the 10ft thing works. But again, the choice to engage was made by the aggressor and if he is the one getting shot, it is HIS fault for engaging. The rule is to protect the one being engaged not the one doing the engaging. That should be obvious.
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If someone's coming for me and I know it, the first bit of body I see coming around the bunker gets pasted. Maybe they'll shoot me, maybe not, but they're coming out too. I usually will try to get them when they're on the way - if I have the warning. That tactic pretty much removes all doubt either way.

On the other hand, if I'm playing rec with strangers - especially if they're younger or obviously new - I just scream "BANG!" at their head and keep running. It can be quite a shock to have someone run past your bunker screaming in your face, then be gone all in a split second. Most people are scared or confused enough that they just get up and walk off. When I play with folks I know or more experienced players I try to make the bunker rules clear by asking everyone's preference. In most cases like that though I'm bringing the hammer down - plain and simple.
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Well, I have played on a field with the 10' rule and a no bunkering rule. It just so happened that we were all playing a nice game of rec ball and it came down to myself and one other on my team and one player on the other side, who decided to get in the back corner bunker and hide. Well, I decided to go after this last person and with my other guy coming around to flank (just in case there was more than one) I ran straight at the bunker shooting the bunker the whole time. Well, I decided about 3/4 the way there to be nice and to see if the person would surrender since I would hopefully be less than 10' away. Well, I rounded the side of the bunker to find a kid with his face buried in the corner! I asked nicely for him to surrender and he just looked at me like I wasn't speaking English. I asked again and again, but when he started to turn his marker towards me, I insisted that he surrender or "it's really going to hurt!" He finally complied and we all walked off the field with no more shots being taken. I am sure once the kid realized what had happened, he was grateful. Afterwards, the ref (who was on the opposite end of the field) said that I shouldn't have done that! I had to ask what he ment by that. Did he mean that I shouldn't have asked him to surrender or that I shouldn't have "bunkered" him. After I explained that I asked for a surrender, he was a little more understanding.

In your dad's case, I would have wasted the other guy! It would have been a natural reaction to someone surprising you when they ran around the side of your bunker. If there is a 10' rule and not a bunkering rule, then the guy should not have tried a bunker/surrender tactic. That was just stupid and he deserves to get shot. Like, if a guy runs at you and you start shooting at him while he is in motion, he is obviously going to be getting closer to you and he is the one breaking the 10' rule.
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Your dad did the right thing. Not arguing or losing you temper at a ref or another player says a lot about the maturity of a particular play, so does doing just the opposite. Personally, I would have blasted the guy as soon as I had the chance. If am being rushed or bunkered then I usually try and shoot it out for a one for one. I usually don't like to get too close to somebody unless they have absolutely no idea I am there and then I only ask them to surrender if it is a very young or new player. Older new players can be gutsy however and will sometimes turn on you so I typically just shoot the person one to two times when I get the drop on them.
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