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Walrus 04-12-2006 03:37 PM

What is X-Ball?
In short, we all basically know the rules and how to play woodsball, speedball, airball, and hyperball. I particularly don't know how to play X-Ball, and if anyone would care to share I know I would appreciate it and hopefully it would help others. You don't have to post the manual for X-Ball (I read it last year, but I forgot everything already), just the basic rules of the game and what makes it different from what we are used to.

SpinDoctor15 04-12-2006 03:53 PM

It's kind of a combination of hockey, soccer (or football), Nascar, and paintball. Essentially, you play multiple 'rounds' where the objective is to score a flag hang (like a goal or touchdown). The round is over when time is up or a point is scored. The hockey element comes in because you can get 'power-plays' by other players being put into a penalty box for a certain amount of time. This usually occurs because of swearing, cheating, playing on, etc... Also, one key difference between normal paintball and X-ball is that there are sideline coaches (like football), and any spectator can shout anything they want. It definitely adds an interesting element!

During an X-ball match, the players shoot a TON of paint. The Nascar element also comes into play. One, you need a pit crew. The time between rounds is so quick (60 seconds) that you need 3-4 people who just grab fresh pods from a box and slap them into the player's harnesses. Two, the pit crew must clean up all hits and wipe masks down for the players. It looks like a security checkpoint off the field, because the players stand there with their arms out to the side, and the pit crew is wiping them down, pulling out empty pods, adding fresh ones, then pushing them back into the start gate. It's a fast and furious game, and if it were cheaper, I think it would catch on really well.

Another element that is overlooked is that it's a step toward a 'National' paintball sports league. Sure, we have NPPL, PSP, and who know how many other leagues... but this is the only one where a syndicated team from one city travels and play a team from another city in a 40-80 minute match. It's like saying "hey the Lakers are playing the Pistons tonight!," except it's "the Oakland Assassins are playing Chicago Aftershock this weekend!" They play multiple rounds, there are many, many eliminations, and there's a lot of opportunity for a comeback! There's a lot of drama in the upper echelon of the paintball leagues right now though, so it remains to be seen if X-ball continues to catch on...

Firestorm 04-25-2006 06:06 PM

Hrm, i've watched X-ball on TV. I really do like the idea there is more then just a warning for wiping and such. Even though my swearing is really bad. I wouldn't mind giving it a shot.

Schmitti 04-27-2006 10:22 AM

Now can you put it in the woods instead of a sup-air field.... and encourage the limited use of paint and pump guns?

Now that would be interesting!

SpinDoctor15 04-27-2006 11:41 AM

I'm sure you could do whatever you want with the guns. The game itself is structured around gaining points in multilple rounds, and the rules are related to the strategy of the game, not the type of markers. So yes, Schmitti, I'll be you could make a pump X-ball event! Here are the rules:

Jesterbuilt 04-27-2006 04:16 PM

Just like everyone else said about it. There are alot of confusing rules in the format. 40 min. of as many games as you can fit in. It is te best format I think for television because the games are fast, the fields are open.
My mom thought is was kinda confusing when se tried watching it on her own. Give her a break, she's old!

amargio1 05-14-2006 10:51 PM

well guys x-ball is very fast paced...but the adrenlin is also huge and the move you make better be a good one or your gone fast. lots of fun and you can limit paint somewhat if you are front player.

Weltz4u 05-17-2006 08:58 AM

This year all the time limits have changed . Its called X Ball Lite. I think its a 20 min. max time game or first to 7 points.

Uranus 05-26-2006 06:14 PM

A waste of Paint!!:llamaride:

Cunha 03-14-2007 09:20 PM

Odd that they changed the time limit.

Should be called X ball heavy <so the big guys dont get too tired>

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