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View Poll Results: IF you had to choose between these semis which would you choose and why???
RF Mini cocker 28 40.58%
B2K4 with PDS 7 10.14%
Fishbone cocker 22 31.88%
Eclipse Shocker sport 12 17.39%
Voters: 69. You may not vote on this poll

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if you can inspect and air up the fishbone before buying, then go for it if you want a cocker. the problem with them specificly is that the tubes could come loose and start to leak. this was pretty much non fixable. supposidly, this was only a small batch that had issues, but it doesn't hurt to be cautious. I haven't heard of a leaking one in ages and I seem to recall spanky offering replacements, so hopefully if it was a small batch issue, most are out of circulation.

since you are looking for something fun, as opposed to serious paint thrower, the cockers are good choices, and the fishbone is definatly an eye catcher. as far as style and eyecatcher goes (and you'll never hear me say this normally) the shocker might be an interesting choice as well. Now, I hate SP and their products (lousy customer service, cheap shoddy products, horrible ethics), but an eclipse shocker with splash anno is eye catching. but I am a cocker guy, so I vote fishbone if you can inspect or third party it or the mini.
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Personally, I rather like cockers.
I'm not so hot on electro stuff, it fascinates me, and the few I have I mostly enjoy seeing how they work, but I'd be afraid I'd hit a button in the middle of a game and entirely confuse myself.

Mini's are cool- you can squeaze into tight little places thusway.

I voted fishbone tho. I don't have one yet. I think the milling on them is fascinating! They're really nice looking, and something differnt than what is usually out there.
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I had the same question/quest a few months ago.
I owned/shot almost every pump/semi made (electros excluded).
I went on this search with one thing in mind, limiting the collection.

I never tried a Blazer ('idiot-proof-cocker')...lots of folks suggested it.
Tried it, liked it. Found it to be just a little limiting for speed play.

Bought an AKA '04 Excal for about the same price as a Blazer.
It shot just as good (surprising) and a whole lot faster (if I ever need it).
(and yes it is idiot proof too!)

Will eventually get another Blazer, but will wait til funds come in before I expand my collection.
I own (2) guns: Sniper/Excal
(oh yeah, my rental fleet: 65+ splatmasters, 80+ Piranhas on N2, 10+ SL-68 II's...but those don' count! )

Good luck with your search.
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Well all those listed I like!

The mini cocker os the work horse, no worries there

The B2K4 is an excellent gun, that has been for me, very low maintenance. Eyes work excellent, and upgrades are numerous.

The Fishbone is a crap shoot IMHO, but they look nice! Wolf13 summed up the issue with this one.

The Eclipse shocker, I have a soft spot in my heart for them. I have had 3 pvi versions and 2 sp versions. If it is a vert feed, I would chose it. Low maintenace, and no real adjustments need to be made, other than reg adjustment for FPS. Bit heavy compared to the other choices, and the work Awesome on Co2. And you should prolly use a 20oz tank for decent shot count.

My vote? Umm Mag?

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I honestly have no interest in any of these but if I had to chose the Shocker sounds like a good one. ROF would be insane and they have good range and like the rebel I am I have always liked Smart Parts.
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Some set of choices. I'd get an A-5.
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Fishbones are nice. There not too fragile. THe Cobras were way more fragile. The only thing that you have to watch out for on Fishbones is if your tubes started to come out. I had one with gold plated tubes that that happened to and boy did it suck.
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My experience with Blazers, so far, has been great.

I have no idea what any of those guns cost, or what kind of deal you're getting, but you should be able to pick up a Blazer for $400 or so.

PPS has a 'twins' deal right now - two Blazers for $550 or so.
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Hmm... ULE Automag...?

I voted for the Shocker. These things are bulky, slow (for an electro), a bit heavy, and get pretty bad efficiency, but they are soooo much fun to play with! Not to mention Eclipse made them look good!

Or, Automags are great... I'm kind of a fanboy...
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Had a few markers, the ones I like best are cockers, consistent, reliable, and very nice styling. Very upgradeable. You just gotta love em.
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