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If you had $500 or less to spend what would you buy?

I've played paintball about half a dozen times in my life I've always been disapointed with rental equipment. I am ready to buy my first marker and found the following markers with good reviews.

07 Korrupt Assassin ACI
Tippman X7
Kingman Spyder RSX
Tippman Custom Pro ACT E
Syndicate Misfit

I want an e-grip or electronic trigger, something that shoots fast, accurate and a long way as I enjoy woodsball the most. If you can spend up to $500what would you buy?

Thank you in advance for your help.


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If I were to purchase another electro I'd love to have a Karnivor. I wouldn't suggest one for a beginning player though.

My personal recommendation is an electro spyder with ACS. They can be had for pretty low prices and my friends who have had them (or currently do) enjoy them. Match them up with a VL Revy and you have a fairly decent setup. The best part is you have a lot of cash left over to hold onto to use when you want to get something else.
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I would buy a SP Vibe (I know, I know, boo hiss), a HPA tank, a Tippmann SSL200 hopper, and then a top of the line mask (depends what fits your head best). Then go play.
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Probably a CCM SS25, karni pump, or maybe a Bob Long Alias.
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Dude... ICD Promaster. ~$150 NIB off ebay right now.

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If you wan an electro? Get a Bob Long Protege. Less than 500 new and it rocks.
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Wow...this is a great site for enthusiasts. Thank you everyone for the recommendations.
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I'd look in the $200-250ish range for a gun, which will leave you $250-300 for a nice HPA tank, mask (the MOST IMPORTANT piece of equipment, even more than gun), and pod pack. If you already have that stuff and have $500 to spend on a gun alone, then the sky is pretty much the limit. You can find pretty much anything up to maybe 06 Egos or so used for that price range, and many mid-level gun options new (PMRs, Dangerous Power guns, BT TM7 or Mini, etc).

I recommend the Spyder Electra 08, at $200 and with pretty much all the features you'd ever "upgrade" in a gun (on-off ASA, clamping feedneck) you don't have to buy much of anything for the gun (possibly a new barrel or kit).

Proto SLGs are also pretty popular around that price range, although they might be a bit less intuitive than the mostly mechanical Spyder. Some of the ICD guns can still be found cheap on eBay, although it might be tricky to get customer service if you're not tech savvy, as the company folded.

I'd recommend the A5 or the Custom Pro you listed over the X7 based on bad reviews I've read, although Tippmann guns are generally considered not the best choice for speedball (though any gun will work for any style of play) as they tend to be a bit long and heavy.

If you don't mind used, you can find some nice older Intimidators (03-04ish?) in that price range as well.
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If I were headed the electro route and had $500 or less dedicated, I think I'd go with an Invert Mini, 45/45, Halo and have cash left for a mask, gloves and a pack.
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