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You're right, Ions are 250 or less now. You still need air and a high end loader to use one and that adds it up to 400+ IMHO it's too much gun for a starter.

A good starter gun should be under 150. You'll trade it up soon enough.

A stock 98 C barrel has a ring of porting halfway up that makes in inefficient no matter how much you polish it. Spend 20 to 30 bucks and get a decent aftermarket barrel for it. P
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Originally Posted by ScrapIron
(Cough) (Cough) VM-68! (Cough)

I dream of owning 2 Palmerized VM's. I've got the upper body strength to hold a marker in each hand, and these are perfect for just that. Running around the woods Chow Yun-Fat style with Palmer Brass akimbo would be heaven.

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I have gone said akimbo with stingrayII's before, and while it was fun, and i was feared, it did have 1 major disadvantage, it is hard to concentrate your aim on multiple targets. BTW, im not frail in the upper body AT ALL.

That being said, it is REALLY fun to pin down 2 different people and whatnot.
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If you go the M98C route, just pay attention to upgrade costs... My recommendation right out of the box is a regulator (Stabilizer) and new barrel. Those two things will give you the most bang-for-the-buck.

I dumped a ton of cash [like an idiot] into my 98C, and while it performed great, it wasn't really what I wanted. Resale value on 98's is poor, and I got less than half of what I spent when it finally did sell. I used that cash to fund a used Blazer which I am 110% satisfied with.
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Get a pump and learn how to play with it.... very rewarding.
If you must have a semi get a Tippmann (A5) or a ICD Alley Cat.
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Originally Posted by Hammer
ok so i have a to decied what gun i want. right now i am using a 32degrees Dragunfly. i like the gun but hate the fact that if my bateries go dead and if i freeze it up it stops working. i have also been told that the DragunFly take alot of work to keep up and going. i am planing i i buy it to switch it to air. any sugestions on diffrent guns i should look at. i am looking to spend no more than 250 on my gun. any ideas?
If you like the gun, you'll be better off keeping it and changing the things you don't like about it. Well, making it non-electro may not be an option, but you can eliminate the freeze-ups by getting an HPA tank. As others have suggested, get some good rechargeable batteries and make sure that you take at least 3 fully charged ones with you to the field (I always like having at least 2 backups).

I've seen so many people get started in this game and jump from one gun to another because they think that what they have is holding them back. The best way to improve is to practice.

If you're set on getting a new gun and really, really hate relying on batteries, then you might want to look into a mechanical 'Cocker. If you don't mess around with them, they are not the maintenance headache that most make them out to be. Trilogies are dirt cheap nowadays. Just a thought.
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I hadn't planned on upgrading, since I was using a GT2000 but a friend bought me an Ion while he was in the states. I must say it was a good investment, since I plan on playing tournaments. If he hadn't bought it i'd still be playing speedball with my antiue GT

Now spending 150$ on something you most likely will change later on doesnt seem like a good idea. If you're interested in tournaments and speedball then spend a little extra and get something decent, like an Ion.
If you're more of a scenario/woodsball player then you can look at markers such as the tippmann C98 which are cheaper and sturdier.
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ok now dont critsize me on this or my spelling but personaly i hate the ion. i now have a spyder electra which is about the same price as an ion now and pesonaly i think is better. my first marker however was a spyder imagine select absolutly loved the gun. now im kicking myself in the head for being greedy and selling it. that is a GREAT marker for a beginner. it shoots about 10-15bps sometimes, and you can use either co2(without it freezing) or Compressed air

as most of you have said befor tippmann 98C are a good marker i have one of them too with a RT. if you want i will possibly be posting an A-5 (extras if wanted: E trigger and a Flatline) on ebay soon if you want it then be my guest i would wrather someone on mcb take it then someone from ebay. (just cant trust most of them). also like others have said, a tippmann is a good sturdy marker. on my main A-5( the one im not selling) it is one of the best markers i have honestly ever shot. and i have shot some really nice high end markers.

but really it is all up to you what you are going to be playing senario, woods, air, tournament. with that im sure the good people of mcb could help you out more then you would probably want. hehe lol
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My general advice to anyone new to the sport is to stay away from STBB (stacked tube blow backs) AKA spyders and anthing that looks remotely like one, reguardless of price. In general its hard to find a spyder or clone there of thats build half way decent anymore. Above all stay away from electro STBBs, as you will be plagued with problems in moist weather and the soleniods tend to fail prematurely. The only way I would go with a STBB is if you build it from parts or find one of the old Spyders with the single trigger and M16 style grip, as they are build pretty good and are excelent bases for upgrading.

The best all around gun for the money will be a Tippmann 98 custom. (stay away from the A5 its got too much plastic and falls apart with ease) With the 98 you can "upgrade" (if you can call it that) the looks and style to virtualy any type of play. As others have stated a good regulator (palmers stabilizer) is worth its weight in gold. Your also going to want to get what is commonly refered to as an RVA (rear velocity adjuster) However do not use this to adjust velocity, but rather to adjust dwell on the valve (use the regualtor to adjust velocity). Also withthe rva and reg in place, back out/ loctite the factory velocity screw in place so it doesnt block the airstreem. If your using co2 get a 12, 16, or 20oz tank, also have an anti siphion tube installed at your local proshop, if not order the tank with one. The exception to this would be to run the tany off a remote ( the tank straps in a pouch and a coiley hose runs to the marker.

Buy a good quality paint. The paint should be very round, free of dimples and bounce at the very least 3 times when droped from waist hight (4-7 is prefered).

If you suffer from poor consistancy polish the stock barrel with car polish as afore mentioned by another member (also be shure to keep your barrel clean) If that doesnt work buy and aftermarket barrel 8-13 inches in length. J and J is a good brand as mentioned by others.

Above all Have fun and dont be swayed to "follow" others as to what they think is cool. In other words dont get caught up in the PB arms race. Find something that works for you and use it.

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As you can see, there are as more opinions about the specific type of marker you should get, than there are markers. Try as many as you can at the field. Most guys don't mind letting people rip off a few shots (sometimes a few dozen) with their marker. The best marker is the one that feels right to you. It can be a top end marker, but if you don't feel comfortable with it, you won't hit crap.

I agree with AlRay about the new STBBs. The older ones are work horses as long as you maintain them well (ie lube before and after every paintball trip).

On Tippmann's I don't have any personal experience, however they've had a great reputation for durability for 20 years so they should be a safe bet.

I've seen the ION's in action. If you want to go play tournaments, these are a great way to go. They keep up with anything else on the market, and are inexpensive compared to most tourney style markers.

Pumps take a bit of a different mindset. A lot of people that try them get rid of them quickly because they don't stick out the learning curve long enough. If you do go pump, be prepared to get lit up while you learn the tricks of the trade.

'Cockers (including clones) can be tricky. If it gets set up properly and isn't touched, I've seen them behave wonderfully. I've also seen several on the side lines because they do tend to get tinkered with. If you aren't mechanically inclined, you may want to stay away from these.

We all have our personal favorites. My first semi was an old spyder, that I wish I never sold. My current primary marker is a PPS Blazer, and I love it. They can be pretty pricey, but it won't turn into the kind of money pit that has been mentioned before.

So if you like the 98, get one. If not, try as many others as you can. Find what feels right.
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