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i would lean more towards the CP then the Evil Detonator
i thonk the more that you pay for the CP is worth the quality control
not like any of your markers will be "destroyed' of you have a random spike of PSI, but a consistant reg will keep the marker shooting better
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not to mention the CP regs are made in the US and their customer service is a million times better than kee (evil)
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I have both and like both of them. I find that the Detonator is easier to adjust, but harder to work on. The CP requires a tool to adjust but is much easier to disassemble and work on.
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I've used both, and both are pretty consistant. The detonator is priced GREAT at about $20-$25 new but if you can afford a little more the CP is slightly better made. Both are good regs.
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I've got two detonators and they both work great.
Didn't the det come out #2 or #3 in HaveBlue's big reg dyno testing run?
I don't remember if the CP was in that lineup or not.
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I work for a company that dealt in a lot of PMI stuff and while a lot of it was quality, the detonator pretty much always garbage. I would definitely choose the CP.

I say that not even personally believing the CP reg is close to the best reg on the market. It's small and reliable, but other regs have it beat in terms of recharge rates and consistency. Still the CP is a fine reg for most applications, I just wouldn't run an Ego/DM set to ramp with a CP.

I'm getting a bit picky here, just grab the CP and you should be fine.
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