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Originally Posted by souz4402 View Post
I wouldnt consider 15 times played a 'very new' may not realize it yet but a woman showing up at most fields rocking an S6 might be intimidating to some players...especially very new players that think pump markers shoot further/faster
lol i would be scared of anyone showing up with an S6 much less a girl showing up with one. Last time I played against good pump guys (murf and toast, french toast actually posts here time to time) murf held me in my bunker while toast bunkered me =(

you pump guys are vicious
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welcome to the addiction

at least you are learning the game right... pumps force you to learn how to play/think, IMO semi's allow a user to really on equipment to perform rather then the player. don't let attitudes from anyone male/female, tourney/rec/scenario or seasoned/new player get in your head. play your game and have fun, you will be amazed at what can happen as long as you keep having fun. plus once you get a reputation for being a stand up player you will start to meet all the fun freaks....

last warning: go by a safe put all your financial records, credit/debit cards, check book and cash in... then forget the access code. why... i have spent way too much here on MCB on the B/S/T forums (near 3grand over 3 years, possibly...) and i know for a fact that i am not meeting my MCB required B/S/T membership expense quota that many others seem to have no problem meeting. beyond that MCB will meet all your paintball needs......

just stay away from MAR, (don't ask, just run.....faster then the person next to you)
Dead Possum

Biting, playing dead and sarcasm are a few of the skills that i offer free of charge.
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Welcome to the forums!

I would say welcome to the sport but you already have more experience then a lot of people. 15 times is actually a lot of playing.
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About time more Babes start showing up. Welcome to the forums. There is nothing wrong with a pump.
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welcome to the forum ive seen a good amount of girls play so dont think your the only one and pump only ftw
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I think if you played 15 times already and rock a pump you've more then graduated from "being new".
Again, welcome to MCB and watch out for teh MAr. (he's kinda a big deal around here)
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Originally Posted by Talia View Post
Hey there, I'm pretty new to paintball. Make that very new. I've played maybe 15 times, but I'm addicted. I've used an autococker once or twice but other than that I'm exclusively pump (I'm rockin' an s6 until I can get a T2). Add that to the fact that I'm a girl and you get what I am assuming is a rare breed? My mother-in-law is one of the only other female players I've ever met, let alone another female who plays pump. I know that we can't be the only ones and I'm curious to see what the paintball world is like for a female in a male dominated sport.

So hey MCB, what's up?
I think youll find that here at MCB we have the cream of the paintball female world.They'll most likely all speak up here at some point.Great that you love to play pump,however to be perfect you would also need to be a furry,and love mayo.

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Good a fellow girl! I play pump too (not as much as id like to) but I just got a shiny new electro and its hard to resist.

Lets see that makes 14 females too 28,376,485 males
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Originally Posted by dead possum View Post
...pumps force you to learn how to play/think....
agreed. i think i'm also a lot more aware of the game when i play. you've got one shot, you have to make it count.

as for the finances, i'm lucky that my in-laws are gun whores and i've been able to borrow whatever i need until i find my fit.

and don't worry, i've been warned about Mar... and mayo... and rubber fists

Originally Posted by Nitewolf View Post
Lets see that makes 14 females too 28,376,485 males
haha well i'm glad to see we're represented in some number! and glad to see we're well represented on here!
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OMG, Tal!
your finally on MCB! XP
Btw, PLEASE don't scratch my S6 >.<" !
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