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As many have said before:

also when purchasing a mask buy the best one that you can afford

JT's Proshield (retails for $50 at place i work at) is an awesome mask for the price and all you need to do is add a flex bottom and you have a custom Flex 7 when you want

The brands that are solid buys are JT, V-Force, and Empire/Invert. they all make masks that can had for relitively cheap and are pretty comfortable
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I own Flexes and Profilers. I love the Profilers! (Just got a mirror lense... )

Cool thing about flexes is you can ski with them and not look stupid!!!!! (without the bottoms of course...)
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slowerpig... my events fogged all the time... my grillz stayed clean in 80% humidity on a 95* day last month.

On topic:

Click on each of the four pictures here and add one of your choice to the cart
JT USA Goggle Accesories

You need Lense, Strap, Frame, and Mask Bottom to build your own Flex. Any color combo is possible... in fact my brother made a watermelon flex that don't look bad at all.
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You could say these are a bit customizable...

Originally Posted by Painthappy
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ya i have cheap walmart goggles and the fog all the time. need to spend a little and get thermals
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Originally Posted by slowerpig81 View Post
Lol MAr. I hope the OP is smart enough to see the sarcasm in there.

V-Force brand masks don't have this feature but still don't fog much, but it seems every time I play someone with a v-force mask says that it's fogging, while a thermal lens that is still intact WILL NOT fog.
I used an X-ray with Thermal lenses for years and regularly had fogging, I find a V-force single lens much better. YMMV
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The real trick

They not only have to protect your eyes and face, thye need to fit your head and be comfortable.

Lens options vary across the spectrum of manufactuers. Vents & VForce goggle systems are really easy to change lenses and uber fast to do so.

The midrange and upper lever pricing all take the same lenses
Vents has a rather massive selection of tinted and mirrored lenses to choose from and are fairly comfortable.

Shield Model is hard plastic frame nice midrange price
Morph Model has a soft rubber lower half and a rigid area where the lens seats
Profiler Model require a different lens than the above mentioned models.

I have always had trouble quickly changing the lens' in JT although IMO they are by far the most comfortable goggles on the market. The lowend stuff at wally world is not if you go for JT's go with the is more expensive but the comfort factor will make up for it.

One last word of advice If you are playing a scenario or night time paintball use a clear lens tint and dark are not your friends once the sun goes down
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