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I often play with a T-8, even during quick walk-on speedball games. The best advice I can give is to move continually. Work your way up the field, get close enough to barrel tag them out, if you can. Suppressive fire is a complete no-go, so try to have a friend who doesn't mind moving with you, so they can keep you covered with a semi-auto, at least until you get the hang of it. Most of all, repeating what Rogue said, learn from your mistakes, and have fun. Eventually, people will start to respect you for your efforts. (Even if you do get lit up occasionally.)
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That's my reasoning as well. Taking ammunition off of the dead is a proud and noble art.
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My feedback:

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I have to disagree in some part. I think he should prepare himself for glory, not defeat. If you think about it, he's free! Especially if it's a woodsball game. He's not responsible for anything other then getting up front and shooting people. Isn't that a big reason of why we play?

Here's some more specific tips then:

1. Stick to cover and stay low.

2. Don't get pinned down, even if it means retreating and coming back at your opponents from a different direction or even bypassing them (until you can backdoor them all lols!)

3. Change 12g's and reload when you have the time. Don't pass up a calm moment to do so.

4. Forget running and shooting. Either/or. That one innaccurate ball you send down range isn't going to make your opponent flinch, and it just slows you down.

5. Keep your opponents honest. I don't mean they are cheating!! I mean make sure your shots are as accurate as they can be for the shots that you do take. Spraying isn't a luxury you'll have. But you're going to have to make people respect your shot. If you hug the ground or bunker w/o being preceived as a threat, you'll just get walked up on time and time again.

6. If you're working with other (semi) people make them do the most of the work. Let them blast away and hose. Either get up front and make them follow in support of the havok you're wrecking, or use their presence as a distraction to your opponents and go sneaky-sneaky like.

7. If you're not into head-on conflict, then about playing a tape line. At least you'll be able to keep a "safe" area to one of your sides so you can put all of your concentration into a smaller area.

Have fun man!
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Oh man.

I want my Redux back so badly now! All these pistol threads get me worked up. But I know mOngo's treating her nice!

I just hope I get her back before a pump game coming up here the 29th...
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Originally Posted by schuby View Post
Be prepared to get your *** kicked for a few games. Playing pump takes some getting used to.
Yeah, Those first couple games are fairly crucial, if a pump guy gets lit up a bunch by semis its not likely that they will continue playing like that.

Originally Posted by ITSPB-Rogue View Post
That's probably the best advice I've seen thus far.

Playing pistol isn't easy. Playing PUMP pistol is even more difficult.
Pump pistol play is pretty much just stock class play, correct, just minus a stock?
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Originally Posted by a_sock View Post

Pump pistol play is pretty much just stock class play, correct, just minus a stock?
Overall its a shorter gun as well which throws a lot of people off. Of course this depends on what kind of setup you come from.
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I've been doing this for a while too, and I have a hard time going back to anything but a pistol.

Take the time to get a feel for the marker you'll be using, you want to be able to pump it smoothly every time no matter if you're in a normal stance or if you're holding it switch. Get used to how the feedtube caps come off and the 12gram caps .. with pgps, it's especially handy knowing how far into to screw the cap before going to pierce it too much or not enough and I've found them to leak a bit.

Like Shiba-Kun mentioned, you're free to move however you want, so take advantage. Your biggest advantage will be being able to pop up where people aren't expecting you. A few games with people and they'll know the sound of your piece and the fact there's only one shot going off will be a big clue that it's you as well. So what I do is to take a shot or two and then go somewhere completely different. If I'm at the back right of the field, I'll hoof it to the middle left. Odds are they'll still be watching the back right where you were and you'll have another chance at them.

I won't lie, it does feel pretty rough when you get shot out, but it's usually one lucky ball out of a barrage of 15 and it's all worth it when you squeeze one off watch it sail and then hear that lovely thwack as it hits home
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I play against semi's with my PGP all the time and I have to say it's probably my favorite marker to play with.

As said above, you have to move and get close, not because it's inaccurate but because you can't walk your shots onto the target, you only have one shot and it has to count. So play aggressive, super aggressive.
You'll be surprised how easy it is to move fast and hide with no pod pack, a light marker and no hopper or tank weighting you down.

As said above there's really no point in trading shots with semi players, you will lose every time and when you don't it thanks to luck. Move fast, hide be sneaky & aggressive, shoot them in the back when they aren't looking, bunker them when it's the craziest thing you can do, etc. you will succeed in pulling off crazy moves with surprising regularity and when you fail it will be while trying, not hiding behind a bunker relying on fire-power.
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Right right! It's all about taking advantage of the situation you're dealt with. Instead of "Oh my, I don't have a... Hopper, tank, 16" barrel, AT, etc. etc." It's about having fun playing and hopefully playing to the strengths of a pistol.

And when you get shot out: Who cares, you had a PGP lols! What? Is the other team going to gloat?

Errr... camo might help. Leave the bright colored jersey in the gear bag and pull out your tiger stipe, multicam, real tree, etc.
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Originally Posted by a_sock View Post
Yeah, Those first couple games are fairly crucial, if a pump guy gets lit up a bunch by semis its not likely that they will continue playing like that.

Pump pistol play is pretty much just stock class play, correct, just minus a stock?
But don't you get smashed in every now-and-then even if you have a semi? It's just a part of modern p-ball. The days of getting shot 3-4 times meant the guy was sending you a message, are over.

LOLS on your second comment. It got me to chuckle.
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I would get a quick change and either a speed gate or customize a phantom quick feed.It makes using your pgp soo much more enjoyable. Also when shooting out from the side of a bunker i recomend using one hand put your thumb on the bolt so as not to loose velocity but doin this keeps alot less of you from hanging out it almost feels like cheating lol. Other than that keep moving and remember you can hide behind stuff others cant as you dont have a huge pod pack and tank hanging off of you also your marker is alot smaller to (No hopper shots). And in wooodsball its very easy to out flank and sneak up on people cant tell you how many times i do that in a woodsball game.
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Originally Posted by Agglet View Post
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You just missed me at 30bps
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