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Padded pants vs separate knee pads

I've been trying to decide whether to get padded paintball pants vs just wearing knee pads under my BDU's for some time. Can't make up my mind. Cost is a factor but not a huge factor as there are padded pants that are reasonable in cost.

Anybody care to give me advice?

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I have always had a concern and heard about separate knee pads slipping. I prefer the padding on my pants because I don't need a whole lot. I tried the dye hybrids and hated the lack of padding
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Perfer padding in the pants. When running they don't 'stick' to my legs so I stay cooler.

Strapped on pads heat me up.
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I absolutely love the knee padding in my Deadbox before Dishonour pants.

Mar knows knee padding. I guess he spends a lot of time on his knees begging his wife for forgiveness.

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Originally Posted by Ryantuomi View Post
Mar knows knee padding. I guess he spends a lot of time on his knees begging his wife for forgiveness.
as any man with a wife/significant other
doesn't your wife keep you on your knees too??
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Besides a good mask my proto pants are the best thing I've bought. I tried the strap on pads and they were very cumbersome. You get a lot of bounces off of regular pb pants also.
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Knee pads get VERY hot and if you get too loose, they slip, too tight, they ripe pretty quick. One pair of pads I found that have nice padding are JT Teams. I heard MAr of these forums has GREAT padded pants.
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I wear cheap walmart volly ball knee pads, under my dye c7 pants. I have yet to wear a paintball pant with enough knee padding, some times the pants + the knee pads still isnt enough. Especially on turf.
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I wear Dye pants and I love them. I don't feel a need for knee pads. Unfortunately, due to a knee injury I must wear a knee brace. The knee brace gives me rashes on my knee if it is too hot out. I am guessing that knee pads would be similar to my brace.
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I have stopped wearing knee pads, my pants are padded enough... and now my head has been rubbed bald...

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Just do everything that Mar tells you to do, and you'll be fine.
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Anyone not wanting to BE Mar is doing it wrong.
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