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have any one order from IIsport on ebay? i just found out today ebay have back order is that normal from them?
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I don't know that I'd say it's normal, but it isn't the first time I've seen it happen either.
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ic... i order some speed cap from them on ebay, today i got a email today say it be around 2 week back order not to happy.
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Talk to monkey on here, he's a dealer for them.
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Yeah, I've never had that experience with I&I but I have in the past from other sellers. I personally disagree with the practice. They know what they have in stock, they need to take down the listings when they sell out of something.

Depending on the item ordered and when I need something will have a huge bearing on the feedback. At best they'll get neutral anything after that is pretty much guaranteed negative feedback.
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i just cancel my order with them (good thing they let me cancel i guess lol), guess need look around just dont want wait 2+ week for it.
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I've had backorders from them. It's why I don't bid on their stuff.
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Two words "drop shippers" glorified sales men with ebay seller sites and with paintball names to advertise which looks like for all intentsive purposes that they have items on hand, but once you place an order with them it electronically past-thru ordered from a distributor and shipped to you. Some drop shippers are on the ball and others.......can't seem to get it right. Too bad Ebay does not disclose who are drop shippers from real paintball sellers. What's that saying "Yous pay ur money and take ur chances" but with 100+% feedback!!!
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I&I Sports...well they did screw up my first order, but contrary to popular belief their customer service was very good. They took care of the situation after they sent me the wrong item.
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I've placed two orders with I&I in the past month for some parts on my Sniper, and everything went just fine. Fast shipping, as described, etc. No complaints.
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