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Automatic Ball Loading

This may sound silly, But are there any other Auto feed /Automatic Ball loading devices besides the Q loader Which take the Hopper off the top of the Gun. Ideally it would use a feed tube to minimize the profile of the gun. I am Using an A5 with Mods.
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Spec Ops Longbow? Holds 28 rounds springfed mounted horizontally, but your gun has to have the correct mounting points...or get an ATS!!!! They are freaking AWESOME guns which are magazine fed.
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Warp feed?
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It depends on what you are looking for. If you like the Mil-sim look you can make a box mag. There are several people on this site that have made them and I've looked into it too, they are relatively easy to build, or you could ask someone if they can build you one; for a price.
If you don't care too much about the looks of your marker, a warp feed may be what you are looking for, but i'm pretty sure they only worked for automags, atleast a few weren't universal.
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Actually the warp feed is universal. it has a vibration sensor built in and bolts to standard bottomline mounts. Automags are just one of the very few guns that have bodies specifically designed for them.
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Yes, I have an A5 but I took off the cyclone to mount the Q loader- and yes it is very troublesome. Now looking for Low Profile solutions. I am interested in Mil-Sim for the upgradeability (Sp?) and would like to have 100+ rounds on-board.
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An AT-85 can carry between 75 and 85 onboard with the forward loader installed. I have seen some pretty cool mods to the forward loader that allow up to a 200 round capacity. Alternately you could rock the hopper mag, which slings a standard hopper off the side of the magazine. This will keep the hopper out your sight line. They aren't cheap but boy are they cool.

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I had a Qloader on my Ion for some time but, I also had problems with it. So, I switched to the Warp Feed and I love it! The only thing I don't like about the warp feed is the width the setup adds to your gun. Not a problem for shooting but, makes it hard to fit and use a sling, and it's hard to fit the setup in any PB gear bag. I have mine intellisynced to my marker and it shoots perfectly

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As of now, I've gotten rid of the APE board and instead I've just put in a Virtue OLED board and I am currently rigging the Warp to run via the RF connector on the Virtue. If you have an E-Grip, there shouldn't be a reason why you couldn't wire the Warp to the E-Grip solenoid.
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ATS/RAP/Ariakon/Mil-Sig/etc make magazine fed guns. In theory the FM-50 from GIMP will also be mag fed.

You can put a warp feed, spring feed, or stick feed on just about anything.

Box/drum mags are basically just a creative mounting for a Warp or Warp-like system (take the guts out of a forcefeed loader, and instead of having the feed cone go down into a feedneck, have it go up and into the gun from the side/top).

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WTF30 30 round magpod for Cyclone

These look pretty cool.
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