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Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: MD

Name: Russell/Altec/Spinnygrass

Location: Lothian,MD

Local Field: Bowie,MD

Guns used: God, IDK, what I have is: DM6, Classic Timmy, Type X, O3M, O3M Sniper, Spyder Compact 2000, Dragunfire Compact, PGP

Style of play: Loud, pushy, and you'll find me keeping in eye on whats going on, and informing the other players, though I do get my hands dirty, and lay done some paint aswell

Experience: 40 year Doctor (If Jincay won't do it, guess I gotta)

Team: None, though I'm hoping for Sprye Bane, though we'll find out after BOTBIII

BEO Mafia
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Karma Enforcement Agency
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Waiting for the rainbows end...

Guess I'll place something in here too.

Name: Dylan

Location: Rockville/Potomac MD

Local Field: Bowie,MD

Markers used: Micromags, and random rentals (Most didn't have a name and we were to busy to bother to check).

Style of play: Hmmmm, don't really know. Normally we arn't to loud though.
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Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: Clarksburg, MD (might as well be DC)

Name: Colin

Location: Washington, DC

Local Field: Pev's at AG, Leesburg, VA

Guns used: Custom '00 Black Magic, DMLCD, Nelspot-007

Style of play: Fast and hard. I spent too many years in the Mid Hudson Valley playing in NPPL games and NCPA events to even come close to remembering how to creep around in the brush.

Experience: Playing since '93 4 years NCPA Team Captain of The C.I.A. Paintball Team. 2 Years Amateur B NPPL. Lots and lots of rec ball, and a 4 year stint as a tech.

Team: Currently unaffiliated
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Join Date: Sep 2006

Name: Jeremy

Location: Catonsville, MD // Charles Town, WV

Local Field: Anne Arundel Paintball Park(CLOSED DOWN) so now im looking

Guns Used: CCI Phantom VSC

Experience: Off and on since like 99', Started in the woods with friends, now im mostly on the speedball fields.

Style Of play: Snake monkey, i like to be in the shlt.

Team: None right now, but id love to get in on a good pump team.
I think it was a Tabby.

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Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: VA

Name: John "Goat"

Location: Lynchburg VA

Local Field:

Gun Used: Depends on the day...I have a wall full.
Anything from a PGP for the days of rec play and some scenarios to an Angel speed for tourney play (Rare anymore).
But for the most part you will see me toting my trusty classic mag.

Experience:Well, first time I played was with a few neighborhood kids with "Gotcha" guns back in the 80's, then a large break until after high school. really got hot and heavy in about 95 I guess....Woods/Rec ball.
Tourney teams for about 4 years, got tired of the drama and cheating...Tourney ball has changed alot.
Then I started hanging out with Bigmatt (MaddCustoms) and its been downhill ever since..cant seem to shake this "Brass infection" he plaqued me with.

Style of play: I love to be in the middle of the nastiest brawl happening on the field. I guess you could say I thrive on the action in those situations.

Team Affiliation: Outer Limits (Back in my tourney days they trained me and a few other younger players and we played in the ACTS)
DeadLok: Team that a few of us put together from what remained of the Outer Limits B team. We did well while the time lasted, but as all tourney teams eventually do we went the way of the looney bird....I still wear my jersey though.
There has been talk of me running with Corbra Company but we never seem to get linked up due to work confict ect.
L.A.P.D. Lynchburg Area Paintball Division

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"Silence...I'll bunker you!"
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Join Date: Apr 2007

Name: Chad

Location: Romney, WV

Local Field: Skyline, Strasburg, VA

Guns used: A5, PPS Blazer

Style of play: Laid back, shorts bursts, wait until I see the whites of their eyes.

Experience: Playing off and on since 1995. Used to play speedball but my love is the woods.

Team: Team STAG.
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