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Feyd 01-01-2012 10:24 PM

Boston Paintball
1-12-2012 6:00 PM at Boston Paint Ball. Be there or be square! I should be there by about 5:30 to get set up and signed in. Let's go shoot each other silly! Feyd........

Chaos 01-01-2012 10:28 PM

Weekdays are no good for me,otherwise the only day I have anything planned is for the 8th

XXFETTXX 01-01-2012 10:34 PM

ooOOOOOOO Pick me Pick me............

tomdabmb 01-01-2012 10:37 PM

Whenever is good for me. I am down for some more playing at bp.

TheYoda 01-01-2012 11:22 PM

I am good any Thursday except 1/19.

BLachance75 01-02-2012 02:41 AM

Any Thursday is good for me and 6 works as well. It will give me some time to sleep after work.

Feyd 01-02-2012 08:50 AM

OK then, lets shoot for 1/12 at 6:00PM, that's a week from this coming Thursday. I pick Fett! And you Know the drill cut and paste! Feyd...........

BLachance75 01-02-2012 10:18 AM

The 12th is good for me. Do we want to try SC/modified SC or just go open pump again.

TheYoda 01-02-2012 10:27 AM

All the above.

Feyd 01-02-2012 10:30 AM

Lets play it by ear. I don't think every one that comes will have SC guns but if thats the consensus I'll play SC. But I do not want to limit the style of play and turn people off to coming! So I would say bring what you want I'll bring an extra Phantom so if someone wants to try SC they are more than welcome to. So I repeat this is an Open class day unless every one there wants to play SC. Feyd..............

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