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1/28 "Quest for the Yeti" Cousins Paintball Coram LI **BYOP SCENARIO**

Originally Posted by ForeverZero143 View Post

Deep in the mountains of Coram two peaceful villages have been plagued by a Yeti. This Yeti will come in the night and carry off their livestock and small children. The people of these villages have learned to live with the Yeti by pretending he is not there. Recently however the Yeti tourism business has brought more and more visitors to the area. These visitors bring with them money, while there is no real currency in the region the villagers love the pretty green pieces of paper. All of a sudden the Yeti who was mostly left alone with whatever small animal it chose to ate that week is the center of attention in the region.
A small tourism center has been set up and they are willing to pay top dollar for Yeti memorabilia. This has sparked a competition between the two villages on who can collect the most money by finding and collecting photos and other Yeti artifacts. Below is a price chart of the current going rates for Yeti memorabilia.

Photo of the Yeti: $20

Yeti droppings: $50

Yeti hair: $100

Yeti Footprints: $200

The Yeti himself: $1000

These high prices have drawn the two once friendly neighbors into a feud so collecting Yeti trinkets has become dangerous work. Each village has created its own band of armed fighters to go into the mountains and search for any sign of the Yeti to bring to the tourist center to sell.

The cost of this event will be $20 admission/air till Jan 15th (yea thats right) Itll be $25 dollars for admission until the thursday before the scenario. The event will be BRING YOUR OWN PAINT!!!!!!!!
Walk ons will be welcome the day of for $35 admission/air

Anyone that needs paint can purchase it at our store in medford at the discounted rate of $50 a box for POLAR ICE.

Game will start promptly at 10AM

You can register online here:
Quest for the Yeti


Village of Yuk Yuk Elder Rich Reiman of the Assassins

Village of Puk Puk Elder Rob Navas of the Master Blasters
Please Contact me with any questions
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