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3/17 Battlefront Paintball, Hubbard, OH

Battlefront Paintball in Northeast Ohio

We scored some guns, masks, HPA tanks etc. for der Banc, so it looks like the Kelley's Heros game is on!!

It's been suggested that we have a prize drawing for folks that pre-register for these events. Here is how it works. The first 25 players to pre-reg will get 4 tickets to win a gun or a mask, the next 25 will get 2 tickets and everyone else gets one ticket. Value of both prizes will be determined by the total number of players pre-registered. So the winners have a choice, I think they should choose what they want from the stuff in the Misfit Mafia trailer....or maybe have da Mafia order the stuff for them. (Less than 25 pre regs and there is only one prize)

This event will take Kellys Heroes through some of the same obstacles they faced in the movie all while the Germans do their best to stop them. An assault on the well-defended town of Clermont would be suicide without some assistance, so the first portion of the event will focus on Kellys attempts to get enough support to make a dramatic play for the gold held inside the bank. Kellys gang will first need to locate enough loose gold to bribe Mulligan into dropping a mortar barrage, get bridge supplies to help Oddballs crew make it across the river and convince Crapgame that providing them with intel for the mission is worth his while.

Preventing Kellys efforts will greatly enhance the Germans ability to defend the town.

Once these missions have been completed, an all out assault on the town will begin. Capturing it and clearing it of German players will be paramount to the heist. After this has been accomplished, the bank vault will be open and the gold bars will be accessible to Kellys gang who will do their best to pilfer as much of it as possible, getting it to a pick-up location to be driven across the border to Sweden. However, with a directive coming down from der Fuhrer himself to prevent the bank from falling into enemy hands and to fight to the last man, the Germans are dug in hard and will stop at nothing to ensure that the only gold Kellys men see, is that which adorns the Pearly Gates.
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