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Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Michigan
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Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: East Lansing, Michigan
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Brass N Wood Fan
Palmers Fan
Name: Marc

Location: East Lansing

Local Fields: Chaos and Hell Survivors

Arsensal: Depends on the day

Expertise: According to my wife, "Buying guns."

Style of play: Woodsball

Experience: I started playing in '89 and stopped during college. Started back up playing seriously in '93.
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Join Date: Jan 2007

Name: John

Location: Coldwater

Local Fields: Adventure Zone, Apocalpse, H.S.

Arsensal: Sp ION, WGP Trilogy Comp. A/C, Tippmann SL-68 II

Expertise: Gun whoring, Getting shot.

Style of play: Speedball, scenario, woods.

Experience: I started playing in '03 and haven't slowed down yet!

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Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Michigan - west side

Name: Nathan

Location: Newaygo

Local Fields: Colors, TC, Woodland

Arsensal: AKA Viking, E2 mq halfblock, A4Fly

Expertise: Gun Whore, deadbox company

Style of play: Speedball

Experience: started playing in '94
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Join Date: Nov 2006

Name: Daniel Hutchison
Location: Houghton during school year, Holland in summer
Local field: Michigan Tech field during school year, M40 and TC in summer
Arsenal: E1 03 cocker, 03 cocker, 04 pump cocker, AGD classic mag, SP Impulse
Expertise: autocockers
Style of play: speedball: back/mid player; woods: back
Experience: 7 years
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Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Great Falls, Mt

Name: Mike

Location: Saginaw

Local Fields: My friends fields, Bandit (I don't play there but technicaly it is local)

Arsenal (former and present): F4 Illustrator (first gun), Tippmann 98, Impulse, Classic Automag, Stroker-P68AT (being made).

Expertise: Bunker Building

Style of play: Woodsball

Experience: Started back in 99, had a major knee injury/surgery in 02 getting back into it now, I plan on going to the Monster Game this year and all of you should to!
traded in motown for the mountains
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Join Date: Aug 2006

Name: Greg

Location: Detroit area (Taylor)

Local fields: No Limits, Futureball, Hell

Arsenal:"Gremlin" trix, custom cocker, 07 sterling, Duckslide, Custom DM4

Expertise: getting shot

Style of play: Anything

Experience: Been playing for about 10 years now

K&P Customs

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Join Date: May 2007
Location: everywhere, so... nowhere, really

Name: Sam

Location: Flint, MI @ Kettering University (6 months of the year)

Fields: RJ's performance, Hell's Survivors

Style: Pump/SC/Old skool semis
I break electros.
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The Legend
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Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: The State that looks like a hand...
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Smile Splatmandu is my home..

Name: Aaron

Location: Constantine

Local fields: Splatmandu Paintball

Arsenal: Karnivor LE, Automag Pump, Sterling, Revenge V2, ANS GX-3, PPS Typhoon, Micro Mag RT, And the list goes on and on and on.....

Expertise: MagSmith, One Shot Wonder, "They call me the Punisher"

Style of play: Anywhere and anytime I mainly play pump and usually its on a field aginst mostly electros and semis but thats no problem....

Experience: Years logged in behind pumps & Semis, But I am a newb to Electros.
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Y80 power
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Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: The Les Cheneaux

Brass N Wood Fan
Palmers Fan
Name: noah

Location: hessel,

Local fields: tc paintball, hell suvivors, area51, and any where else that i can play (yeah i travel alot to play)

Arsenal: aka viking,VM-68 , tippmann 68 special, splatmaster, cockers.

Expertise: none

Style of play: senario play or big games

Experience: started playing in 2000.
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