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Join Date: Apr 2006

Name: Neil 'The Dirty Frenchman' Lefort

Location: Pendleton NY, outside of lockport near Buffalo/Niagara Falls

Local fields: Outlaw Fields

Paintball Guns: Trracer, Model 98

Style of play: Anything that is not Airbag related, Mad Max Style?

Experience: 4-5 years

Team: Umbrellamen scenario/big game team, just getting started.

People in NY that I am faaar superior to (not just in paintball): Kevin 'The Dookie' Bauch
Castle Conquest XXII video:

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Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Syracuse, NY

Name: Andrew Bohn

Location: Syracuse, NY (formerly of Buffalo, but I didn't play much when I lived there)

Local fields: Fury/Alliance is my favorite since Play to Win closed, I go to NVP sometimes. Based on my last two experiences at Headrush, I'd almost rather not play paintball at all than play there. But it's been almost 2 years since I gave them any of my money, and things might be better now.

Paintball Guns: Midblocked mQ Karni, CCM Series 5 mech

Style of play: Aggressive. I'm into anything involving paint, but I have to admit that I'm partial to X-ball when I have the choice. It's just a very enjoyable format. I'll play anything though (I have to borrow a gun to play stock class though - haven't found a SC feed for my S5 yet).

Experience: 7 years, 3 heavily

Team: On and off with Elements of Chaos (I'm a med student so my schedule sucks).
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Jack Wagon!
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Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: Western NY

Name: Carter "That guy" Powell

Location: Lancaster NY (summer), Rochester NY (fall, winter, spring)

Local fields: NVP, Jello Factory, GRC, Skirmish PA (i know its not local, but i play there a lot )

Paintball Guns: Original 68 Automag, Sheridan VM-68 Magnum, PMI-1, Armotech Zeus G1, my trusty Spyder Compact Java, and a Tigershark for good measure.

Style of play: Mobster Pump . I'm pretty aggressive and I like to be goofy

Experience: 6 years

I actually just played with blindeseher and morgenstern this weekend at the jello factory. awesome guys and a prime example of pump teamwork at its finest.
My Feedback!

Originally Posted by Be4life182 View Post
ill gats pwn nubs n give mE pwners?
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Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Scotia, NY

Name: John "JC" Hoefer

Location: Scotia, NY

Local fields: Albany Paintball (20/45 minutes - indoor/outdoor)

Paintball Guns: Ultimate Revenge 2.0, CCM Series 6, Sniper 3 w/ BOA Concealer, Sterling STP and a half dozen other guns.

Style of play: Pump at indoor, Revenge at outdoor - Pretty laid back off the field, but I can get aggressive on it.

Experience: 8 years
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Join Date: Aug 2006

Name: Joseph Boudreau
Location: clifton park NY

Local fields: ALbany paintball emporuim and first prize

Paintball Guns: VSC phantom,Ion Upgraded (on the market)

Style of play: play pump,woods,scenario and speed

Experience:1 yr
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Join Date: Feb 2007

Name: Headhunter (Tom)
Team: Assassins Tactical Paintball Team-
Location: Long Island New York
Sponsored: Cousins Paintball
Playing 11 plus yrs. All Woodsball
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Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: Long Island, NY

Name: Vinny Mortarotti

Location: Dix Hills, NY

Local fields: IPS PB Arena

Paintball Guns: Custom built Lotus sniper, Black Magic sniper, UC Phanom, Nerve, A1

Style of play: Pump play is perfered, but Ill take any action I can get, Angry back player

Experience: 10 yrs

Team: Captain of C.O.D.(looking to take new players on)
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Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: NYC

Location: Queens, NYC

Fields: E-Jam, Cousins Coram (not much anymore)

Paintball guns: 04 Prostock, Trilogy Tactical, PGP, Phantom VSC

Style of Play: I prefer woodsball where I usually use the cocker. Pump speedball might be something I'll get into though.

Exp: Only a few months as of the end of '07. But I find myself dreaming paintball, does that count as extra experience?

My feedback:

My eBay ID: kanal666
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Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Ithaca, NY
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Name: Kyle Livingstone

Location: Also, Trumansburg, outside of Ithaca

Fields: Reds Paintball (Pinevalley, NY), Headrush, NVP, GRC, EMR

Paintball Guns: 03 Full Mill Excal, 04 Black/Blue Viking, 03 Full Mill Splash Orange/Red Viking, Karnivor, Invert Mini, Flatline Cocker Pump, Mini Cocker Pump, Splatmaster, 2 Rapide Comps

Style of Play: Speedball, Big Games

Exp: 5 years
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Old gear!
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Dallas

Name: Nate Wilson

Location: Albany/ Troy when home, ATL when at school

Fields: Outlaw, hit First Prize a few times...

Markers: Sterling STP, Cocker ('05, bit of a mutt by now), Tribal BBT 2.2, PGP circa 1983. And a homebuilt electro in the works.

Style: Extremely aggressive near bunkers, stalker in the woods. Prefer Speedball or woods, not a mix

Exp: 7yrs with my own equipment
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