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Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: NW VT

Name: Gus Tidlund

Location: Troy, NH (Why does everyone else live near the stores??? Manchester/Nashua/Concord area...aren't their any other pumpers in the southwest woods?)

Home field: My back yard...air bunkers, two small woods fields that can be played separately or together, and Fort Ticonderoga! I want to try every other field within two or three hours, but it just doesn't seem to be happening this year ('06)! I am a former member of Farmland Paintball Club, the best group of pumpers in the upper mid-west! Of course while there I played at Alamo Paintball, and the free pump games at Splat-Tag!

Guns: System X Vengence 2.0 pump with Pimp kit (You can say all you want about Sys X; this thing works GREAT for me!), PGP, PMI-1 (from Big Old Skool is in the mail!), Evil Omen 1.0 with lowrise clamping feed neck, Piranha EXT Pro G-3 with Terminator Barrel, Sheriden XTS, Vulcan (plastic pump picked up at wally-world for $ very first marker!)

When I play: I was playing 2-3 times a month until I moved here...I have a paintball field in my back yard and no one to shoot! Been averaging about once every 6-8 weeks. Surfing PB forums is my only fix these days!

Game Types: Woods and speedball. Like to play both. Never played a big scenario game, but would love to try it.

How/Where I play: I will play semi when I need to, but I have been focusing most of my attention on pump and stock play. I like a mid to front position, even though I am not a small guy. Sometimes, I'll do the sneaky sniper thing, but more often I like the strategic team push: Rush to find them, then work the angles and take em out. I don't like to be a defender. I do like working the tape line!
Lone Goose

Looking for CHEAP places to play in south ATL.
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Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: New Boston, NH
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Fan of EMR
Name: Carter Brown

Location: New Boston, NH

Home Field: Adventure Games of NH - I have a lifetime membership there.

Guns: E-Vector, Sniper II, Carter Buzzard, or PPS Blazer (I use whatever I feel like for the day)

When I play: I used to go every Saturday to meet up with the regulars, but that has somewhat vanished. So I'm going Sundays when I can. A little off right now with the house moving, but I'll get onto a regular schedule again soon!

Game Types: Woods.

How/Where I Play: I am either the first person out of the gate to get to where I know we need to attack or defend, or if I'm really not sure of the crowd, and it's an easier going game, I stay behind... Wait for everyone to find a position, and then I find where we need help or find that hole and I defend it or exploit it to help us win.
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Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: New Hampshire

Name: John Donahue

Location: Meredith, NH

Home Field: Owen's Farm (Holderness) is closest but I get to OSG and AG as well.

Guns: VA Kingman Hammer, Phantom, Side tube PGP.

When I Play: Seems to be about 4 or 5 times a year now. (I get busy with work in the summer) OSG HALO game, 1or 2 times at AG (private games usually) and a few sundays at Owen's Farm(BYOP).

Game Types: Whatever, I prefer rec and woodsball, But whatever the ref says we're playing. My favorite game is when we play submission (usually the last game we play at AG during the private game) I play with a pump against all semis, I never quit and I usually clean house. I think everyone gets a kick out of it and thats the only reason I get invited back each year.

How/ Where I play: I play pump only. It seems like a few folks here, I tend to play aggressively off the break and get hit frequently. I guess you could say "ADD style", I get bored very easily and usually try an impossible move to get things going and get hit. I tend to move more than shoot and yell alot. Did I mention I get hit alot? I take huge risks all day and if one time it works out I'm happy. My kids get a kick out of how I play, probably because I get hit ALOT.
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Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: NH
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Name: Silver

Location: Concord, NH

Home Field: Ummm, pick-up games at the local's close, easy, and cheap

Guns: Building the collection back up at the moment, presently just an A-5 with upgrades, a VM with add-ons, an automag, and a RAP4 T68

When I Play: Not nearly as often as I should... I don't like hot weather

Game Types: Gotta be woodsball... I'll do speedball, but I don't like it, I started when woodsball was woodsball, yo uwent out, tried to ambush one another, specific goals for the game... I miss the good days of paintball

How/ Where I play: ummm, I'm more of the SAW/support gunner on the field, I provide cover fire. though I have no issues with direct engagments, it's all fun. You can always spot those that have had ANY kind of military training, wether it be cadet programs, or actual, you can tell by the style
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Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: Amherst NH

Name: Keith

Location: Milford, NH (just moved there a couple months ago)

Home Field:Canobie

Guns: Got 14+ everything ranging from a pgp to a ebladed merlin

When I Play: Whenever i feel like it and get the chance

Game Types: Whatever ussually rec play
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Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: NH

Name: Jeffrey Jacques

Location: Londonderry, NH

Home Field: Canobie because it's close and I started there, but I've been trying other places lately so that may change.

Guns: 2k5 Promaster, 98 Desert Fox, Spyder, Stingray, Bunker Boyz VSC Sterling.

When I Play: Usually two Sundays in a row when the I get the bug. Played 8 times this year. I'm usually at the spring and fall Canobie Big Games.

Game Types: Any.

How/Where I Play: I try to mix it up, but certain fields I'll play the same way more than once if it worked for me before and I think I can get away with it. I rarely stay back and defend unless I'm able to shoot at people right away.

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Join Date: Dec 2006

Name: Sean "Duck Hunt" Clements

Location: Derry, NH; Boston, MA

Home Field: Canobie Paintball, best prices best fields best people.

Guns: ULE RT Automag w/ warpfeed. Borrowed "Yoda Green" VSC Phantom.

When I Play: Used to all the time, but now I only play when I save up the cash!

Game Types: Any, I prefer speedball with the pump, but I'll play anything.

How/Where I Play: Speedball, usually front specially with the pump. If its rec ball, I either hang back and stealth my way around, or if its an inexperienced group I usually help everyone out and play recon.

Sean "Duck Hunt"
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Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Pellham, New Hampshire
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name: Ryan

location: Pelham/Salem NH, Boston mass

home field: canobie paintball, go there evry sunday! , Planet paintball, i really want to go down to osg alot

Guns: 06 shocker ( i dont use it much ) pink/black acid vsc phantom

experience: ive ben playing since i was around 10 im turning 15 soon!

when i play: usually once a week, in winter once a month

Game Types: Any, I prefer speedball with the pump, but I'll play anything.

How/Where I Play: all around frontman, wheather its in the woods or speedball, im eather front or im sneaking around going for the obj.


p.s. plz invite me to any of the games in NH

i want to also play some form of an urban thing, ive yet to do that

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name : chris smith
land : danville nh
style of play: anything that includes paintball!
marker : vsc phantom with tstock (its red and black)
expieriece: since i was 9 im about 14 now
homefields : canobie and planet ( i go to canobie every 2-3 weeks) and my land at my house if that counts.
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Location: New Hampshire
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Name: Alex Steege

Location: Amherst, NH

Home fields: OSG and Boston paintball.

Guns: Mainly use my SS-25.

When I play: Twice a month, usually saturdays.

Game Types: Mainly into speedball, but I'll play anything as long as it's against experienced players.

How/Where I play: I play extreme front, like any decent pumper should.
Pumper for life.
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