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James Blond 04-09-2006 09:52 PM

New Hampshire
Okay, time to find out how many people are actually pumping in NH. It seems there are a lot more people here than most of us thought. This forum should give us a good idea as it is pretty much a cross of SCP and MCB players among others of course.

Name: James Whitmore

Location: Hill, NH

Home field(s): OSG=99% of the time. They have pump days and might even be having a pump tourney if the turnouts are good enough on the Pump Days.

Guns: Vertical feed black sterling, wanting to get wedgits and a stab for it. Pirhana LB, PGPs, Sl-68II.

When I play: Planning on the 2(kinda iffy) and 4(Pump Day) Saturday of every month at OSG. I have a season pass :D .

Game Types: Pretty much anything: speedball, woods, urban. It is all fun to me.:cool:

How/Where I play: Usually found on the front lines as I like to get close when playing pump. I play pretty aggressive for the most part, running up as far as I can off the break which leads to getting cut off from the rest of my team on some occasions. :eek: :rolleyes:

shartley 04-10-2006 07:46 AM

Name: Sam Hartley

Location: Concord, NH

Home Field(s): Adventure Games Paintball, Weare, NH, and my own private field.

Markers: PPS Stroker and AGD RTPro

When I play: When I can.

Game Types: Anything but speedball.

How/Where I play: That depends on the game. I tend to hang back a bit, then come in close. Since I play LPPC style I like to let the paint slingers run in first. Then I work my way up and do my thing. I tend to also help encourage the new players who have a tendency to need prodding from time to time.

Unimoose1 04-10-2006 11:05 AM

Name: Joe Tuplin

Location: Manchester, NH

Home Field(s): OSG mostly, Planet when I feel like shooting bad paint for my pb fix...

Markers: A couple phantoms, pgp, and a sniper2

When I play: Whenever I can.

Game Types: I like to limit myself to games that require paintballs to be shot:rolleyes:

How/Where I play: I like to be the thorn in the other teams side so I play where ever I can accomplish that! :D I enjoy woodsball and have taken a liking to speedball, but only with a pump.

Eventually I'd like to get together with some of the other NH players besides the 6 I currently know!

Hobbes 04-10-2006 01:06 PM

Name: Matt Henry

Location: Hill, NH

Home Field(s) - OSG, sometimes AG, sometimes backyards

Markers - RT Mag, Sterling, PMI-II, Splatmaster

When I play - Whenever possible

Game types - Everything

How I play - Depends on how tired I am :)

KungFuHampster11 04-10-2006 05:43 PM

Name: Shane Allen

Location: Kingston, NH

Home field(s): Canobie mostly, occasionaly Planet. This summer I want to ge to OSG and AG.

Guns: VSC Micro Phantom, Minimag, PMI USP, and some that are coming soon,

When I play: Whenever I can

Game Types: Anything and Everything

How/Where I play: Pretty much everything, but in a woods/urban format, I'm usually right at the front line. In a speedbal format I like to play mid. At scenarios I try to be a Medic or Spy.

Listessa 04-11-2006 07:01 PM

Ooo I'm bad. I didn't register!

Name: Alicia Andrus

Location: Concord, NH

Home field(s): Adventure Games, OSG (it's closer.. must attend more games this summer!) and I've gone to Maynard down in Mass.

Guns: A lot, I like a good varity. I have a few pumps, a few cockers (mech and electro), Hurricane, VMs out of control...

When I play: Pending the new job- maybe every weekend or at least every OTHER weekend! For now, when I have a chance to catch up on enough rest and get out - sadly monthly...

Game Types: Pretty much anything: I really don't like speedball. Go from there and into whatever. I like woods and stuff alot tho.

How/Where I play: It's a mood thing, and how I'm feeling. Thoughts on it: Better to make a good try for it and get hit- it's part of the game afterall.

Munnin 04-20-2006 11:23 PM

Name: Doug Hutton

Location: Bedford NH

Home field(s): Adventure Games, never been to OSG, but gotta get out there for the pump days monthly now that i know aboot them

Guns: dropout phantom red/black wash, minimag w/ chimera frame, canibalized 98custom

When I play:as often as i can get outa work :-/ will be doing OSG's pump days from now on i hope

Game Types: never tried speedball....

How/Where I play: ehhhh i usualy get eliminated pretty quick... up front if iv slept in the past 3 days, lagging behind if i havent.

Painthappy 04-21-2006 08:57 AM

Name: Carter Brown

Location: New Boston, NH

Home field: Adventure Games of NH

Guns: Blazer, Air Power Vector, Carter Buzzard, or Old Sniper II

When I play: Used to play every weekend, but now it's more like every other weekend.

Game Types: Whatever they're playing that day.

How/Where I play: I find where I need to be and go there. I'm aggressive and usually the first one out and running. Otherwise I sit back and wait to find that hole or exploit that needs to be filled or attacked. I don't hide much... Known for just walking through the woods in the open and taking out people.

splattttttt 04-23-2006 09:48 PM

Name: Jack Lo Cicero

Location: Methuen, Mass.

Home field: Where ever I can find a trust worthy opponent

Guns: SC, some mech/semies

When I play: As often as possible, limited to just Sundays only though

Game Types: Anything goes

How/Where I play:Front. I like to get right to the fifty... Than run through. Usually good for two on avg. per game when I'm hot, other wise I go out quick. Mostly I go out quick.

Murph 05-11-2006 05:46 PM

Name: DJ Murphy

Location: Goffstown, NH

Home Field: Adventure Games

Guns: CCI phantom acid wash blue stock class, punisher's undercocking kit, usually running a 12 oz out the backbottle. Autococker, 2002 centerfeed, WGP hinge trigger. Brass Eagle Rainmaker, 1998, with 99 select fire board.

When I play: When I have the money to (I will more often than not play pump just so I can play at all.)

Game types: Any and all

How I play:

Stock class: With smaller groups, I'll play a traditional forward role, advancing and gunfighting with opponents. With larger groups I'll do a lot of tree walking in order to draw as many guns on myself as possible without getting hit, in an attempt to take them out of the game without using too much paint.

Semiauto/electro: As Ted Nugent would say, Whack 'em and Stack 'em. If I see you and it's not to risky, I'll move to a position where I can eliminate other players easily, I'm going for it.

Common tricks: One that seems to be falling out of favor with most players. communication. I'm a big loudmouth on field and if you listen to me, you'll know right where the other team's players are.

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