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Its passed Wednesday, we're good

The day I tried to live
I wallowed in the blood and mud with All the other pigs
Singing One more time around
Might do it
One more time around
Might make it

RIP Mr. Cornell. thank you.

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Little kid moment #110 I did this week out of sheer excitement. Walked out front of my house and was bounce testing paint in the middle of my street. Painting some 10 rounds OD green tonight and then packing up the bag. Wtf am I gonna do with myself till Sunday?!?!?
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Long Island Times headline:
Odd Oblivious Man Struck in Middle of Street
Strange Bright Yellow Blood Splattered on Road, Says Neighbor
Aliens Among Us? This History Channel Guest Says Possibly Definitely Yes!


Halogen, the lights will flicker
Incandescent burning lies
And the silence stands for nothing
Desperate, I search the skies
Aching for a spark
Trembling in pitchest dark
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Yeah the rain is coming thru right now. Get that out of the way.

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OK guys, weather looks great, food truck is all set and all the raffle prizes are in. Please remember all the things we posted about - beware of local cops, bringing clean 10-rounders for the toast, bug spray, a little extra food to share at the camp out if you want, flashlights, camp chairs, extra toilet paper and hand sanitizer, etc.

I'm going to be busy with last minute preps, so I'll be unreachable from now until I get to the field. I'm hoping to be at the field by 3pm at the latest, but still have a ton to do, so I might be running late.

This is going to be epic! I'll see you fools there.
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So much excite, gonna pee pants.
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Cars loaded. Leaving now. Can't wait any longer.
Gonna hang in some trees down the road a piece and have a very short drive to APE tomorrow.

While packing, found several goodies for the barter/trade/sell table. It boggles my mind how much paintball stuff I've accumulated over the years. Time for some new homes.
membership has its privileges

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I haven't packed yet, but am looking forward to this very much.
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Now if can only find the drain cover for my cooler. Arghhhh. Attempts to find one locally have failed. Time for a new cooler.
And the words of the prophets are written on the subway wall.

For anyone needing Nelspot parts, please pm me.

Stuff available to liquidate:

PGP - No frills Pgp
Phantom VSC - non freak bore
Nelspot parts
Tippman ProLite SP Woody Grips and anti-siphon valve. Dye barrel - great condition
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Originally Posted by TouchofGrey View Post
Now if can only find the drain cover for my cooler. Arghhhh. Attempts to find one locally have failed. Time for a new cooler.
Long machine screw and nut, a couple of washers and some gaskets and you are good to go.

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