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I'm Stock Classy!
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A great day of paintball, and an even greater time of camaraderie after the game! I think we should all bee thankful for the wonderful hospitality that Capital Dave and his crew showed us today. 15 players from CT, RI, MA and even Virginia all had an awesome time. Especially Athena. She had an especially awesome time when she took it upon herself to infuriate an innocent hive of bees who were simply trying to harvest the last remnants of pollen for their long Winter's nap. It remains a mystery why she opted to attack the hive, but some have speculated that her prejudice against pollinators predates today's game, and she was simply seeking retribution for a previous bee-related transgression. The players who witnessed the attempted genocide were brought to tears by her unrepentant brutality. Who knew such an innocent-looking girl could be capable of such an unspeakable horror! Those poor bees! But I digress.

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Raised by a cup of coffee
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Hahahhaha love the edit on that pic Slim
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Bigger Balls
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Many thanks to everyone! I really couldn't have had a better reintroduction into the sport.
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Dead men don't speak
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Had a great time
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Shi Tamagutsu Ka
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I'm home again

At last! After 10 days with no internet, I can finally comment on the game.
It was serendipitous that I happened to be up in New England and that CraigO was kind enough to supply the ride.

My first time at that field and I loved it! I wish I were around more and able to hunt that terrain. I accumulated more welts than eliminations this time, but next time I get up there, I'll be looking for a rematch.
Such a fine group of people. From old faces to new, everybody was considerate, mature, and professional. (aside from the bee thing, but that can be excused)

Many thanks to everybody there! CraigO of course, Slim who I haven't seen in many moons and is always a joy to shoot even when He's on my own team,
Capital Dave...(did I get that right? I'm bad with names) but I'm sure I've seen you in some other staging areas before ~ Me 'ats off to you sir, you run a mean grill and a tight field.
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