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Feb 16th 10 47.62%
Feb 17th 9 42.86%
Feb 23rd 2 9.52%
Feb 24th 0 0%
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Old 01-24-2008, 05:48 AM   #21 (permalink)
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I wasn't trying to be rude, sorry if i came across that way. I can play sundays. It won't kill me. Once the date is set in stone i'll be there, come hell or highwater. I am hoping some of my teammates will be able to make this one, i had 5 maybes last one, everyone had to bail sadly. They all own pumps and i know they wanted to be in the last one.
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Fidays and Saturdays work for me, I am in retail and have to work most Sundays. I might be able to get some one to cover my shift if the date is nailed down soon enough.
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Since I can't stand to be away from my pump group when ever they're playing, I'll do my best to attend a Sat. game, but it'll be on my way home from work. Later in the day of course.
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count me in, last time was great
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The 10th is out for me,I'm on call...but,the 17th works fine,I definitely wouldn't mind getting in a B-day game for once..I'm usually on call for it.
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i dont care what day, i'm in.

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OK... I added a poll to see what everyone would like. I'm thinking the 17th is a good choice.If nothing definitive is reached by the end of the week I'll set a date.
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Ooooooh boy!

I might have my Cocker converted to Sniper-status in time.
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I finally sold all my pumps, so if I scrounge together some more cash by then and order a new pump (Sterling Stockclass STP)... I'm in. I'd rather do a saturday since they're open all day, but it doesn't matter. I can go any day that works out for the majority of us.

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Sundays are better for me..............................................:g unsfiring:
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