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Skantz 07-18-2011 03:11 PM

Noxx Customs Project Tracking
Mar, you had every right and good reason to close the prior "Waiting" thread. Thank you for doing so; as angry or annoyed as any of us might be, at the end of the day, we need to use the forum in a helpful manner. So much time has passed that the bashing, whining, etc. is just old now; no longer productive in any way.

I for one, greatly appreciate the lengths some members are going to to establish and maintain channels of communication so those of us who do have projects in limbo can get some form of periodic update.

As such, please, please, please, restrict this thread to Project Correspondence and Tracking. Thanks to everyone who has an open line with Noxx; you guys are really our last hope.

If you are going to post here, only for check-in, status update and the like.

Titus 07-18-2011 03:21 PM

You read my mind! I spoke about creating a thread like this when the other was closed so to keep things simple, I'll post in here.

I spoke with Lance this morning, smiley your box went out last night, along with a huge box for me. Priority mail and he's emailing me the tracking info.

I'll keep you all posted when it shows up.

squee! 07-18-2011 04:24 PM

hopefully he didn't ship my stuff. I'd still like Lance to anno my stuff when he has the chance. :)
Let me know if you get a pump, an evil m, and a couple vikings in that box . . .

JeramieJ 07-18-2011 11:10 PM

Thanks guys. Let's keep it forward and positive.

Titus 07-19-2011 10:02 AM

Spoke with Lance this morning, got the tracking info. Smiley, sent you the tracking as well.

Another box will likely be sent on the 29th. Working on that one now.

Will let you know when the box gets here.

Titus 07-19-2011 12:23 PM

squeee please PM me with your email address. Thanks

Mayvik 07-19-2011 12:54 PM

I suspect I'm not in this batch, but I've got a box of 'cocker stuff due as well as a NX55L.

Titus 07-19-2011 01:31 PM

No clue what I am getting, but will post photos when it comes in.

ncbbh88 07-19-2011 06:53 PM

Just posting here to say I'm still waiting on my nxl scratch build and spring feed from the raffle

Very glad to see some positive people on the forum!

Thanks Nc

playboy455 07-20-2011 01:50 AM

Just putting up a post to check on my PGP and my NX55L conversion (which I know is done).

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