Old Gun Tech Specific how-to's on fixing and tuning in those old guns

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What's different about the pump handle?

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His says point man on it. Mine says line si
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Someone could have swapped rails on pump handle, nice gift.
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Originally Posted by R.J. View Post
Someone could have swapped rails on pump handle, nice gift.
Exactly my thought. This is either a basic bushmaster made by si ( definitely pre icd which iI'd say is a good thing) with a pointman pump and possibly upgraded internals, or a parts box build. Either way, probably worth about $100 in the current market. Its a neat piece. I'dfreak bore the stock barrel and go play with it.

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I agree, is definitely a parts build however, at least they kept to a single brand name for most of the externals.

The body, Frame, ASA are all 90+ model year Line SI parts. The pump arms, and pump could be from earlier models. It's good that the PITA (barrel retention) and ASA screw look to be original. The forward frame screw (big silver knob) is definitly not Line SI.

Are the pump-bolt screws hex head with "SI" engraved on the ends? Those often get lost and replaced with generics.

The bolt, hammer and springs are definitely not Line SI. Line SI used delrin/stainless bolts and coated hammers that extended into the rear of the bolt (by about 1/4"). Back in those days, bolts were often replaced by folks looking to get more performance. From the factory, Line SI bolts were adjustable. Springs were often replaced for tuning purposes (i.e. with a madman or thunderpig spring kit).

I can't see the powertube well enough but, Line SI powertubes didn't use hexagonal flanges (like a traditional hardware bolt) to unscrew from the cup seal. Line SI power tube flanges have only two flats and, they're engraved with "SI". Those often snapped under heavy use.

The wear on the body (forward and below the "Bushmaster" engraving) looks to be atypical, almost like the screws holding the pump arms were too long, scraping the body.

Original cup seals were brass with a synthetic sealing face vice, the white delrin.
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Originally Posted by Tom Kaye -in response to FS price critics
Unfortunately all of you have played the one "speedball" game of paintball for so long you can't conceive of other ways to do this and hence any new ideas seem stupid.

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Line SI

Newman, the paintball gun as far as I can see from your photo looks like a Bushmaster with the wrong shortened pump which has Line SI markings on the pump arm instead of Pointman SI. You have a standard body, ASA, upper assembly with power tube attached, bolt, spring, hammer, standard length barrel as would be on a standard Bushmaster. I do not truly believe the grip you have on it is the true Pointman SI. My Pointman SI came with a .45 grip frame. The only thing that I cannot truly identify for you is if your bolt (cannot see clearly) has a moveable screw head as suggested by your other MCB members. Some bolts were adjustable, some bolts were not. It makes it more difficult for you to make quick adjustments on the field. The other way was to play with the power tubes of different sizes and different combinations of springs. Aside from that, a nice example of an SI. Worth about $100. Best to you!
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