Outlaw / Private Fields Playing paintball in your backyard or other non-business run field

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I'll chime in, I'm not an organizer but I do have a small Field behind my house. At my house I have a ton of bunkers and for a bigger guy it's allot of fun. At Splatttt land it's allot harder for a bigger player because theres some tough parts of the field where coverage is lets say sparse. Now that is not a complaint, it makes the games more of a challenge. What keeps me going back to Splattttttt's is the people are great and have become my friends. The competition is very high! Ya give these guys an elbow at 35 feet and your out! I can't tell you how many times I've been stuck in a bunker there either the last player or close to the last player and get hit and I hear that deep evil laugh, or the RussiX chuckling at me! Just a great bunch. As for safety, it's good. Have people shot in the woods behind where we stage with out a mask? Sure, Do the SC players some times not put a barrel bag on when theres no 12 gram in their gun? I suppose that happens from time to time. But we are all big boys and know what we are doing. Or as I like to say it ain't our first rodeo! So lets not knit pick. Guns are crono'ed and masks are down, fun is had! Feyd............
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We play every second week up here in NB. Albert County Woodsball. Our field rules are semi only, (so electrics are set down to that), bounces count, and it's not competitive - just fun recreational woodsball. We get around 20 out every second weekend - feed em all, play all winter. (White painter suits work great in a snow-drift).
Barrel socks are coming - but muzzle control is highly stressed. and we finally have a player who has a chrono. Though many of us are bush beasts and so turn our guns down lower purposly to be able to push paint intact through heavy brush.
It's amazing the difference between rec woodsball and even field play. We went as a group to a speedball/woodsball local field last week, and the speedo's ruined it for many of us. Trash talk, hyper competitivness, and 30 bps were foreign to us. We tried to include them and make em feel welcome but their play style and ours were worlds apart.
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We're located in Portland, OR metro area with our own private field. We run a very tight operation and keep it real. Outlaw for life.
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I have always played private field (mine and neighbors) woodsball and it has always been tough to get a group of people out.

The main thing we do is play pump so new players have a good time and get hooked. It also makes everything easier for me in terms of loaning guns, enforcing safety, having extra paint, etc.

Things I have done
-Don't invite back people with bad attitudes (whole point of having your own field)
-Tell the two local shops that if people come in with pump guns to send them my way
-Create a facebook page and post when we have games there
-Invite everyone I talk to to come play and ask them to bring their friends
-Have lots of loaner setups to get new people to come and play, and broke people

Things I am going to do this year
-Post flyers around... sporting goods stores, junior college, local university
-Give business cards to paintball stores to hand to people
-Try to connect with the milsim players
-Considering paying for an adwords campaign
-Post with our facebook page on the local shops facebook pages regular
-Read threads like this for ideas
-Make some shirts and wear them everywhere with the hope people will flag me down

For safety
-I watch everyones barrels and masks all day and yell at anyone that is not covered at the wrong time, works well
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We've built a little outlaw field that started with 2 of my closest friends when I got them markers for Christmas more than 5 years ago. Little by little we dug out and/or built bunkers, trimmed the brush, made little trails, and basically now have a little field of our own. Unfortunately, with kids and work, neither of those original fellas is able to come out often, but will make an appearance every so often.

Things I have done:
- Basic Rules: masks on once we pass certain point; barrel socks on when masks off; anyone can call a cease fire if something is amiss; all hits quarter size or larger count (unless we make an exception - rare) and we call ourselves out
- As it's my family's property, if I'm not there, we don't play (helps limit any liability issues)
- I have 2 handheld chronos and now a used Big Red Chrono (little ones were getting iffy)
- Agreed upon Chrono limit - usually 270-275, occasionally lower if getting dark
- We try to balance out players experience by always pairing a first timer or newer player with a regular player
- Set day to play (Monday afternoon/night for us)
- Weekly texts a day before or early on the day we are to play; also try to let folks know if we are definitely not going to play in advance (based on overall interest or my unavailability)
- Word of mouth invites: We have drawn as many as 16 with usual draw of 3-8; could have more if we advertised, but we try to keep it word of mouth to help ensure stand up folks come to play (Only once did we have a bad player experience, and he wasn't invited back. He did not face the Firing Squad.)
- Pitched in to have an area light installed for night play (2yrs ago)
- I bought 2 scuba tanks (several guys pitched in on the last one) to have "field air" and occasionally folks will pitch in to help with money for air or paint - for new guys or regulars who are in between jobs, but love to play.
- We all pitch in for field upkeep and improvements (elbow grease)
- I have a few loaners guns, loaner masks, and spare HPA tanks (for folks without one or for the loaners) that I ferry back and forth with my gear
- Firing Squad: helped one player learn not to overshoot (funny story, I can elaborate if folks really want to hear)

Games: These are some we play most often
* Elimination (most popular)
* Defend the Castle (city) or Defend the Alamo (woods). These are separate large bunkers within different parts of the field
* V.I.P.
* Capture the flag
* Rabbit
* Zombie
* Civil War
* Dueling
* anything else anyone comes up with
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