Outlaw / Private Fields Playing paintball in your backyard or other non-business run field

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Originally Posted by coyote View Post
The green stuff is called "slime"
yeah slime is designed for punctures. Not holes. We tried it haha the bunker is physically too big
Originally Posted by John Wayne View Post
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Well so far our regular old pvc cement (the same you'd use for pvc pipe) and a piece of scrap is working wonders for all our bunkers.
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Spray foam...

It wont need to be blown up ever again no leaking or puncturing ever either, will also stand on its own better if you weigh down the bottom of the foam with some sand beforehand. Harder to store though (probably just leave it up at that point) and it is heavy and harder to move around with sand in the bottom. Advantage is no more stakes or really caring that the wind is blowing hard on the bunkers or that people are using metal cleats to pop em. Small bunkers wont take to much to fill them fully with spray foam a carwash or other large bunker would be probably to pricey though unless you can source a cheap *** source of spray foam.
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We talked about the spray foam a while back and there are a few negatives about them. For instance they are hard as hell when you slide into them.
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Why not just get this?
Sup' Air Ball Bunker Air Ball Repair Kit @ Direct Paintball
Only $22 and it's from the Sup'air guys
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Purchase H 66 glue do not waste your time with other options I have seen people use everything from contact cement to tar with short term results

I have been doing this for the last 6 years You will get tired of doing this over and over again if you cut corners...

clean area with degreaser and elbow grease
rinse with clean water
deflate the bunker
clean area to be patched with alcohol swab and let dry
cut a patch in excess of the hole
apply h66 to area around hole or seam
butter backside of patch with h66
apply patch and move it around to ensure even application
I also commonly apply glue around the edge of the patch after it is situated
place rag over patch and glue
use mulitple spring clamps to compress them patch to the bunker
let dry and cure for 1 -2 days
pull off the rag slowly

I have sold many fields in Canada H66 as we order in bulk due to the large shipping costs associated with it because it can be highly flammable

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The best way to fix a bunker... get you a can of H66, clean the area around the hole/seem split (Make sure you clean at least 4 inches wider than your patch). Cut a vinyl patch large enough to cover the hole/seam rip. Coat both the area around the hole and the new patch with H66. Position the patch over the hole so it fits and forms a nice seal... then THROW the old bunker away... after all this work, it would have been cheaper to just buy a new one!
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just ordered the h66 stuff

will try once it gets here

I officially own the bunkers now so I'm gonna fix em up right!
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headin out tomorrow after work to patch a few with my HH66!

i am excited!!!
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patched up....


gonna check em on thursday and add another patch to the snake (opposite side), and do a few more patches on some other bunkers...

HH66 is runny... im bringing a better brush than the one in the cap (that sucks!!!)
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