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i need help with setting up a nitro tank system

i run a club in bc canada and were using 3 scuba tanks to fill our hpa tanks the problem iam having is that iam not getting anuff full fills from the scubas and i want to make the step to nitro, know i now nothing about this system and what i need to make it happen ,ive talked to my local air supplier and he dosent know what iam talking about when i say nitro is nito short for nitrogen?do i need a reg to lower the psi when filling a smaller tank
please help me and the others i play with
thanks -SAS brando

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Years ago our local field had only CO2 and for big events we brought in 6,000 psi tanks. We made our own fill stations and would fill the tanks for the customer so no over filling would occur..
You fill from the big tank just like everybody does using scuba or 4500psi tanks. Just pay attention to what your doing and fill the tank slowly to the desired pressure.

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Another option is to consider a 4500-5000 psi hpa compressor, regulator, and the proper bulk tanks. It's an expensive upfront investment, but can be cheaper in the long term. You don't have to worry about leasing or buying refills since you'd be able to refill your own bulk tanks & even refill hpa bottles straight from the compressor if you needed to do so.
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Lets get this right first off. Your Scuba tanks are using compressed air, or are you using Co2? Nitro is the wrong term in paintball, but unfortuately its widely used. It is actually Nitrogen. You can get compressed air or Nitrogen for about the same price, but it is universal for our use. I would talk to a local paintball pro-shop or welding supply shop about the apparatus needed to fill your tanks. You can easily rent the larger bulk tanks to build a cascade system off of. I highly suggest you getting help from an experienced person as it sounds as if your are a bit unsure of exactly what your trying to accomplish.

Good luck!
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As you should know from your experience with Scuba, HPA is no joke, it can kill ir maim easily. If you confident in what you are doing then talk yo you local gas supplier and see what you are looking at for tank rental and fills. Do you have a way of transporting tanks safely? Where will they be stored when nit in use? Do you need fittings and a fill station? If you run multiple tanks you can get more quality fills out if them. A used compressor may be the way to go but has it own quirks and set if expenses.
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thanks guys for the info iam going to do a little more digging into this locally and see were i get with it ,

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I run a 3 scuba tank system (3kpsi Aluminum 80's)at my outlaw field and it works great for our needs. Yes it only fills to 3k max at the start of the day and drops off from there but since they are available after every round air doesn't really become a problem. For most people a full 3kpsi tank is plenty for a round or two, the only ones that ever have a problem are the Tippmann users with cyclone feed and only if they shoot a bit too much paint. If anything it adds a dynamic to the game where you have to monitor resource usage instead of having unlimited paint and air.

What I do is mark the full scuba tanks A, B, and C and put them in order. Each has it's own fill station valve on top. When filling you fill from A, then B, then C every time you fill (assuming you have 2500psi or less in the tank after the round). Cascading in this way makes the drop off in PSI occur much slower. We have some pumpers in the mix so it probably helps keep the fill pressure up but even if we're filling at 1800-2000psi at the end of the day it's still easily playable if people monitor their usage.

This is a good resource if you haven't seen it before:
Filling a Paintball tank from a Scuba Tank

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