Outlaw / Private Fields Playing paintball in your backyard or other non-business run field

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Hardcore... Paint knives and arrow guns only.
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Originally Posted by alpha434 View Post
Hardcore... Paint knives and arrow guns only.
I'm still holding out for a paintball atlatl.
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Bingo daubbers make good bayonets
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I lika doa the cha cha
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I played with about 300 psi in the tank, gun farted one out and broke on the guys pack. I tried to get him to spin on me by dancing around and pointing to get a ref to throw a flag. That was hardmode.... unfortunate for me, it didn't work.
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Trails Of Doom
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years and years ago, I was guarding my flag when some guys attacked. I tried to defend, but I ran out of air... So I rushed them, and pulled some paint from my hopper and THREW it at one of the guys AND GOT HIM! Lol!

The other guy ended up shooting me, but it was pretty funny. And I have it on video as I let another guy borrow my mask/camera and he got shot out by these guys and then walked up when I ran out of air, and got it all on film! What luck!

Trails of Doom 1 woodsball paintball multiple kills FPS Elimination with Thrown Paint - YouTube
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This is how we play every weekend anyway! With the exception of occasionally busting out an electronic marker
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