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It looks transformerish and the inside looks like it would be bad for someone who is claustrophobic. It could be comfortable but I don't think my cheeks need padding.
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looks cool and all but the top of the lense being unsupported makes me think you might have cracking and snapping issues
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Wow... I really really like them, most definitely picking some up as long as they fit my big head.
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My goodness! Alot different then what I was expecting....I actually like them alot!
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I might take a few shots on the chin to wear those.

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These might just put Angel back in the mix.....

Could be a "ROTOR" like product....

The white is soo gangster. I'm buyin' it. Ef the I4's.
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Really looks like a mask that would be very easy to clean the lense. And for cheaters to wipe.....
Originally Posted by heinous View Post
we're talking about camping, not being homeless
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Originally Posted by russc View Post
Anyone else think the front grill area looks like old Preds?
That was my first impression...21st century Vents Predators.

I'm just looking for a mask that felt the same as those old Predators. Any little breeze just went right over your face.

I don't care what they look like, I just want them to be comfortable. With that being said, these look awesome.
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wonder how glasses will work with these
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I am really interested how that open nose area works ... could be a good design here.
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