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IMHO one of the very nice things about the sa17 is its compatibility to all the other BT line. I currently bought the new (SEXY) Trracer, and I love the idea that if I want to go pistol down the road I can easily use all the ad-ons I have already invested in, and put them all over my pistol. ie- spring fed mag, possibly quick changer, FS rounds, Flasc barrels, etc. But yes you do sacrifice certain conveniences(like the regulator and cheap mags)
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Sorry to bring up an old thread but I have one of these. they are pretty sweet minus the cruddy springfeed system(min atleast doesnt feed very well)

changing to a bottom line is a must. when I got my marker the first 12gram I emptied destroyed the valve seal. I called bt's support center and they sent me a few replacments for free.(not just one!!! i was happy about that)

A few things bother me though. I have yet to find an optic that fits the rear rail... Im really hoping someone can machine a replacment to the plastic cocking handle...hopefully steel or aluminum...I would also like to see addtional bore inserts without having to resort to buying the rifle kit. at this point barrel kits have bore sizes..however they do not pertain to the bt's inserts..they are basicly barrel extentions that have different bore sizes.

Im really hoping for a different feed system...the tm15 and tm7 have ripclips avalible...but can they be placed on the sa17? from what I hear bt is modular so.....can anyone test this?
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Yes they work. Anything that goes on a BT-4 will attach easily to a SA-17.

If TM-15 is the same as what goes on a BT-4, it'll work.
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First of all, here's a neat thread: Making the SA17 A More User-Friendly Primary

I'm surprised that you dislike the springfeed. I have one of those on my Trracer and it works great. What exactly is wrong with yours?

I don't think I've ever seen an SA-17 with a rip clip attached, but that doesn't mean it's not possible. I see of no reason why it wouldn't work, but then the TM-15 had all kinds of weird mounting issues so I'd hate to count on it.

As for the sight, have you looked into the new smaller-size Eotech holographics and their clones?
It seems like they would need only a couple picatinny blades to mount properly.
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Ripclips CAN mount to the SA17. I haven't done it myself but at one of the trade shows BT actually had one mocked up with an RC with (I believe) a TM15 adapter plate. Now, how comfortable it would be to try and use, I can't say. I'd imagine it would be terribly unbalanced because the ripclip is no lightweight, but I'd also be lying if I said I hadn't considered doing it myself.

As for sights, learn to sight down the side of the gun. Barring markers firing First Strike rounds I have never met an optic-equipped paintball gun that was any more accurate than one without. Save your money.
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@ The Inflicted.. Yes ive seen that thread very cool infomation, especally about the macro fitting for constant air, definatly going to do that once im reunited with my 17. I didnt take into account about the rip clips weight...ive never held one before so I dont know how heavy it is allthough I do know it requires a few AA batteries.

at the time of firing I had an old bag of paint that was a little moist(there was paint all over the outside of the balls) I had to lay them out on some paper towels and wipe the paint that might have effected on how its fed into the breech. but the balls didnt seem to like moving down the feed neck of the magazine, they kept getting stuck at the 45 degree. I just dont really prefur the mag at all really and not to mention I think the way it looks with the mag just isnt athseticly pleasing too much. so i want toturn it into a rifle..maybe a "mini" qload system mod with 20rnds mounted to the bottom rail. that woudnt be too bad. I think freeing up the top rails will make this marker look real sharp

now if they had a 20rnd tube that functioned the same as the milsig/rap4 mag I think I could not hate it so much.(the way the paintballs make a tall "U" in the mag) that would increase the depth of the mag but not the length... and if bt wanted to be fancy they could add a rail on it LOL. In regards to that I might have to buy an extra and tinker with it to see if I can make my own extended tube mag.

@pistolrogue.. I agree that optics dont do much in the game of paintball I just want one maintly for looks. definatly not going to get a real firearm optic that costs $xxxx.99 I want it to look kinda like the python in CoD /w the ACOG attachment. I dont like sighting down the side of the gun... I feel like some kid in the ghetto holding his glock .45 sideways trying to act tough...besides this isnt a tourny gun.. so id rather not if at all possible.

thanks all for the advise.. ill look into those mini optics.I definatly saw one of these with an optic on it I just dont know where and what optic. Im out of the country right now but as soon as I get back modding my 17 is my top priority(minus ordering a TPX)
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