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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
That's too bad. The 'hiding' remark was between SOG and I. I have made it abundantly clear on the forum on several occasions that I no longer run the day to day of DBD.

DBD is something I started for fun, and on the side. Sometimes life gets the better of you.

As far as your whole team's business, that is unfortunte but I couldn't care less about the money side of it. Hope you guys find what you like.

All I have wanted to do with this business is make people happy, in fact I have given so much stuff away that we actually became less than solvent. I have even given away all of my own personal pants (ask Rockfrog) to make people happy. I sell pants and make about $15 per pair when all is said and done to provide a service moreover than line my pockets. I pay top dollar for quality materials and have everything made in North America to do what I can for our ailing economy. I lose money on shipping on every pant or shirt because the actual cost of shipping would turn people off.

You know what, I am not sorry.

Take your attitude and your team and stick it.
And I truly thank you ... they are an awesome pair. And it was his choice, he just wanted me to be happy with a DBD purchase ... to which I made little complaint other than giving honest feedback when he requested some. Choosing not to do business with a guy like that is your loss, not his, or ours.
I had no idea they were your personal piar, Mar .... SOooOO .... I guess I was the lucky one that got into MAR's pants then, huh ... guess that explains the mayo stains.
Originally Posted by DarkEarth View Post
Yeah well count me OUT. After not getting a response to my question for two months you come back with "haha im hiding"?

Yeah = My whole teams Business went elsewhere...
With many of the 'businesses' run through MCB being more side shows than frontline shops ... the chance of a 'waiting period' is part and parcel, if don't like it, shop elsewhere ... no one will fault ya. Just don't bitch when it's plastered all over there may be delays.
Had you paid for something, and you were upset, fine ... but we've had waiting periods with getting the DBD pants before. There'll be plenty of others that will be happy you didn't get their pants. If he was K-Mart then yeah, but everytime there is DBD pants in stock, the masses crush in like a bunch 'o' junkies at a crack convention and the shelves empty rapidly until the next run.
Dave G
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Further, now that I've found the MCB BST ... I've recently sold my house and moved under the bridge down the road ... but I've got lots of markers.
I have no life, I'm just a dad in constant flux between baby naps and 8yr old tantrums.

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Darkearth, I don't think DBD has ever been able to outfit a whole team before. Where did that even come from?

Thanks mar! Can we count on future dbd products and stock being anounced here, by you or gore? Or should we watch the website specifically?
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Gord is going to redo the website. He is talking about our next order running 80 pair or so...which is close to the number we have done TOTAL. We will be providing stuff to retail stores it looks like, and have a meeting with Canada's largest (or second largest) store.

I don't know what to do about MCB. What I said about cost versus profit it true. There is going to be a significant price point change on the pants (as in up) We are paying for some pants (flecktarn for instance) roughly $100 and still undercutting the price of stuff that comes out of China... For this to be a real 'business' as it deserves to be, some things have to change.

That is why I withdrew (as I could not keep up with the emails and the time demands) I thought I had made my withdrawal public enough but I guess not. Gord will make DBD what it deserves to be.

I will announce the next run and give MCB'ers who are interested in pants the usual prices, I owe everything to you guys.

Thanks so much, it means more to me than you guys know.

I actually was standing next to the fireplace at our field and melted the knees on my pants... so now me, the founder of DBD, has ONE pair of pants with crappy hand sewn patched up Every pair I have ever set aside for myself has been sold or given to a customer because stock never met demand.

I may do a one time run on Hibiscus pants. I have been toying with the idea. They would be black pants with hibiscus panels... that is about all I can handle right now.

Gord said we will be getting:

Possibly FLECKTARN (if the guy in germany can deliver)
And maybe some

we will see.

Also more jerseys I believe.

Again, if he ordered today (which he didn't) we'd be looking at two months minimum...
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Would you know if the tigerstripe be the jungle viet nam design or the newer desert-y airforce one?

I think most of us would love the announcements of future products, even if we can't buy them off of you personally and go through the website.
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We did a run before. Pics should be here somewhere... wait 1.

The difference was the pants were FABRIC as oppossed to CORDURA.

there they are on sexy display. Wish I had a freaking
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I'll keep an eye out for the hibiscus design, need something to match the CC jersey

And if they come at more of a cost, that's fine by me, quality is outstanding on these pants.
Fast is fine, accuracy is final.
Originally Posted by El Pato Diablo
Kinda scary how someone in a bright red hawaiian shirt can sneak up behind you like that, huh.
Originally Posted by MCB CHAT
[20:54:32] <Walking_Target> Kinda awesome, you walk in and there's the giant black dildo right in front of the register
[20:54:33] <thisissparta> it's AWESOME.
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Back sorta I guess
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Any chance there'll be smaller sizes too?
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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
barrels are like women - everyone likes them for their subtle differences and personal preferences. ALthough at this price, they cost substantially less than women.

(caution: barrels are not like women, do NOT insert your p3nis into a barrel)
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Mmmm, those Tigerstripes are hot.
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Leave it to MAr to keep people from getting a set of pants :dodgy:

To this day I wish I had known about DBD before I bought my eclipses. I can't complain, they treat me okay as well. :]

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