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Originally Posted by ta2maki View Post
I'm ready to get turned into a zombie. Really, it's not that bad. Except for a few non-zombies trying to blow your head off.

When that day comes, I'm duck taping a helmet on my head and a couple machetes on my arms. I'll be one badass zombie.
Originally Posted by Rickfactor2 View Post
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Originally Posted by russc View Post
I wonder if these patents will be liquidated, or if they are property of the brothers?
Lets hope they get liquidated and free up some other companies to produce certain markers again. Would be nice to see a new iteration of the e/xmag.
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Night night...

so what does this mean for AGD?

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could use a little doe...
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I'm sorry for the people who lost their jobs. Hopefully the other companies in this industry will be able to make good of this though. I think that DYE will end up buying the patent though which won't really accomplish anything.

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Originally Posted by scottthetot View Post
no ones gonna want to fight something dressed as a giant deer
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Originally Posted by Drachen View Post
....wasn't it Shadawg? Though if it was him, his recent purge of all things Smart Parts could've been a sign lol.
It was. And he still swears the Gardners will come back with a new company.

Originally Posted by Mayvik View Post
In before the Shadawg?

There are still numerous ways the Gardners can keep the IP.
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Originally Posted by Timmycuddler View Post
and the karma keeps on rollin'.
didn't someone already said he dug up stuff that indicated the 'brothers simply took out their investments to safely let the company go down at no cost towards themselves? if so basically they just screwed their own employees over.
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Does this mean new $20 Ions and $30 shockers are going to start popping up?
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My wife left a title company a week before they shut the doors from all the losses. The owners got away with screwing the employees and have since started another company. She's still not received her last check, even though we get notices from time to time that the trust is dealing with it. It happens in every industry.
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Originally Posted by neftaly View Post
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Well I think we all saw this coming. It sucks that yet another business closes (even if it is Smart Parts) and people are losing more jobs.

Here is my duh question....What does IP stand for?
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