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New AKA Merlin in the works

Didn't find anyone else mentioning this on a quick search, so if I missed an existing thread about this, I do apologize up front.

According to a thread over on Custom Cockers, AKA is prepping up a run of round-body Merlins, to be released for sale to the general public within the next month or so. There appear to be some pics in the thread, but since my work connection blocks Photobucket and other similar sites, I can't say for sure what it looks like or if the pictures are of another different, but related, project, but there are pics in there of something.

This looks like a very solid reality, so I thought I would share since I hadn't heard of it until running across mention of it, in all places, on the discussion about SP's bankruptcy.
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"The grip will have the dovetail built in, to take
our on/off asa. I have had trouble with enought
room for my arm so the tank is on a 7.5 deg ang.
This way you do not need a drop.
The reg at 15 deg would be a custom item.

Most of the markers will be mini's.

I am looking at all bodyes being p-blocked.
This would take a evolution style bolt.
I would like to do some pump kits down he road."
-Larry @ AKA
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Dont know if i should get excited about this, most likely will be outrageously expensive for a cocker in todays electro market.
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I bet it would be competitive with CCM's price point.
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$750 in un annoed
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Mini pump kits, mini front blocks, and P-block parts are what have me excited. Can't wait to see what they come up with.

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This would be a great spit in the eye to the dying Smart Parts. Hopefully this is the resurgence of the once great AKA.
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Originally Posted by doc Zox View Post
$750 in un annoed
so is that just a body, internals, frame, and reg?
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why oh why do these things to torment my wallet....................................

I have a special softspot for nice cockers......I had to litterally fight myself not to buy a shocktech 09 sfl and now this....
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Originally Posted by dark_controller View Post
thats what happens when i leave mcb up at work.....
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