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TomcatII 09-28-2010 07:35 AM

Interview with HydroTec
The Catshack Reports is pleased to present our interview with Paul Ciesun, President of HydroTec speaking on the new revolutionary HydroTec Paintball .... Text in the post below.

Tugboater203 09-28-2010 08:41 AM

Text for the lazy:


The HydroTec Revolution
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One of the things I absolutely love about paintball and the manufacturers of various paintball products is the fact that many have an extensive background in the game itself. Ed Evans of Exalt, Denny Tippmann Jr and many others all love to get out and sling paint here and there when they can. How many other manufacturers in other sports can honestly state that they actually play the game that they produce their goods for? Stands to reason the manufacturers that do play have a real vested interest in producing a good quality product that people that paintball will enjoy using.

Welcome Paul Ciesun, paintball enthusiast for the past 18 years, owner of Forest Browns Old Challenge Park 45 minutes Southwest of Chicago for the past 8 years and an individual who has spent the past ten years dabbling in product development. As of now Paul is President of HydroTec Paintball based in Chicago Illinois, a company coming onto the paintball scene in late 2009. Previously a company not heard from, HydroTec shocked the paintball world with the introduction of a product concept that stands to revolutionize the industry and the game we all know and love. Paul not only acts as President but is also a big part of Research and Development alongside Ronnie Bayless. The company also boasts the likes of Chuck Hendsch on board as VP of Sales and Marketing.

HT Paintballs 2 in this photo include Clear shell with pink/yellow fill (dual colored fill), Clear shell with Green/Blue fill (dual colored), Orange/Blue shell, Orange/Orange shell.
The new HydroTec paintball, formally introduced to the masses at the recent Paintball Extravaganza in California was something that as Paul put it “went far better than we had ever anticipated”. The HydroTec presentation outlined a new paintball that has a water based fill that is 98% H2O and a shell comprised of a corn based bio polymer and. In short a product completely eco friendly that stands to help facilitate industry growth and ease an entrepreneurs ability to open a paintball business. Traditionally field owners are made to jump through hoops and wade through mounds of red tape with local government and other agencies to show the impact of paintballs on the environment … well no more! With a completely true biodegradable product made from raw materials that are completely eco friendly, concerns by environmental groups could soon become a thing of the past.

The Catshack spent the better part of an hour on the phone with Paul of HydroTec in an effort to fully understand HydroTec and wrap our heads around this product. To begin with the paintball is not like the old RPS Advantage that had a shell created from potato starch. The RPS was designed at the time as a product that lessened the absorption of moisture. HydroTec is on the opposite end of that spectrum claiming to be completely immune to moisture and the havoc moisture wreaks on a standard paintball. Rain and water could soon be completely irrelevant as it pertains to paintball, now how interesting is that.

Further still HydroTec has created a 68 caliber paintball with a water based fill and shell design making it a lighter projectile with less joules on impact. With that understanding the Catshack quickly inquired about shelf life and as we had suspected with some new understanding, the product could for all intensive purposes be created with an indefinite shelf life without dimpling or flattening as does happen with stored paintballs such as they are today. Naturally with water based fill the Catshack had to inquire on how this impacts those of us especially here in the Great White North with respect to freezing and colder temperatures and the need for winter formulas. Paul explained they do have different formulas that are comparable to other brands. Out of the gate HydroTec formulas in relation to standard, non cold weather formulated PEG based paintballs, the PEG becomes ice cream consistency at 45 degrees F. HydroTec does not have data on specifically formulated cold weather gelatin paintballs.

On to the big question of the day … price point. A very difficult question to answer, Paul is adamant that HydroTec as a company is committed to the growth of the industry. That having been said pricing on the product will most certainly differ from region to region as any paintball pricing does. For example standard paintball pricing in California might be quite different than in Pennsylvania. Paul assures us that pricing will be in line with any other quality brands, not as cheap perhaps as “White Box” but certainly in line with standard costs compared to other quality brand names. HydroTec cannot set the retail price point. Their wholesale prices to fields in most cases will be at or less than what fields pay now, again at the wholesale level. Every market is different, as competitive forces, local economic conditions, and even climate dictate prices.

At the onset HydroTec will be releasing three grades of paint, “Element” (Field Series) ” Armada” (Scenario Series) and finally “Vapor” (Tournament Series), all formulated for the purpose of each style of paintball play.

Aside from paintballs, HydroTec is also close to adding a night UV Loader as well as a “glow in the dark” version of paintball for night games. The additional product line will be complete with a retrofit kit to activate the glow capability of the product. Last but not least the company also includes promotional apparel … Paul remained tight lipped regarding any other products the company is currently working on, “ we wouldn’t be a news source if we didn’t ask that question Paul” I laughed over the phone to conclude our interview.

Launch is set for January 2011 at which time the company will be mass producing and beginning to ship. For now The Catshack Reports will be waiting with great anticipation to see if this product truly delivers. What needs to be experienced first hand is if the new paintball shoots straight with accuracy over distance…even when soaked, how well it breaks, fill consistency and the durability of product through testing. Should this product be true to its word, it really stands to revolutionize paintball and the way paintballs are made. I for one am positively pumped to see this product first hand to report on … stay tuned!

BIGNUGLY 09-28-2010 09:18 AM

Sounds great! I'm defintly willing to try them out. I'm wonderinhg how well the fill will truly wash out of softgoods and such. If I read it correctly they will be lighter which may effect accuracy. As long as they are true to there word about pricing I'll pick some up.

everex5 09-28-2010 09:28 AM

rain wont matter? that would be nice... now lets get goggles that are really fogproof.

Azzy 09-28-2010 10:45 AM

Interesting. I would love to see the shelf life of the stuff, and cold weather performance. Love the different take on the fill and shell though.

Painthappy 09-28-2010 10:49 AM


Originally Posted by Azzy (Post 1485557)
Interesting. I would love to see the shelf life of the stuff, and cold weather performance. Love the different take on the fill and shell though.

Cold weather would be interesting... Freezing paintballs are not exactly something I look forward to using or being hit with.

Wookilar 09-28-2010 10:53 AM

Sounds pretty cool. I know corn derivitives are being used more and more on different plastic manufacturing. The Hydrotec website is up and running.

Was anyone at Paintball Extravaganza last week to try it out? Or was it just a show and tell and no demo?

I can't see the major players in the industry being very excited about this, seeing as they all own their own paintball manufacturing facilities, but if the price point can be competitive and they can supply the required amounts to the fields, they've got a shot.

I for one would be very interested in using/buying a paintball that was not affected by moisture.

Tugboater203 09-28-2010 12:54 PM

It was talk and tell, no product to show.

Meph 09-28-2010 12:55 PM

With the lighter weight I'd like to see some testing on distance mapping, and performance with a cross wind, compared to that of a regular paintball.

Hooligan 09-28-2010 01:15 PM

Glow in the dark fills, Uv loader kits and lighter balls.? Night games at my place; starting early next year.

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