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Originally Posted by twiitch View Post
spoooooooooooooooool valve...
damn near looks like all 3 markers are ion's with nosejobs and tummy tucks...
on a side note, I believe I heard they had full intelectual, property, and any other remaining rights to SP. they can call it a freak and list the threads as sp/gog. they dont have to call it the G1, but decided to.
and how are we supposed to pronounce it? is it gog, as in gogged? or is it "go-gee"? Im going to call it go-g, its more fun.
Considering there sticker and logo design i would say it is gog as in gogged... though i agree go-ge is more fun to say... they dont hide any of the products they say this is compatible with the sp version is almost every description...

Originally Posted by Fubarius View Post
Many of the items listed sure do seem like they're just clearing out old inventory.
Look at the "Freak Spiral Ported Front"...
It's available as a 14" Black, and a 16" Blue. Not exactly a wide variety of options there.
EDIT: though that could be two separate lists and not a chart. Either way, not the same number of options as before. No 12" for example
Could just be doing limited items as they are just starting back up...

Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
That first image I got had G1 in a shield... It looks like a damned rip off of the GI milsim logo. Not surprised at that either.

It's obvious the G1 is a rebrand of the SP1 and the Envy is the rebrand Vibe. I'm waiting to see what their "extcy" is a rebrand of. Ion or shocker?
Deff going to be the ION... but sounds like a few adjustments were made to an XE... eye covers for one...
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Originally Posted by M3r(uRy View Post
Deff going to be the ION... but sounds like a few adjustments were made to an XE... eye covers for one...
Yeah, if you go to the "eXTCy" (dumbass name, their going the way of BE) page, you see the parts kit for it:


The following items are available to buy separately for maintenance and repair:

* GR33SE Lubricant
* Screw Kit -eXTCy/Ion
* Seal Kit – eXTCy/Ion
* Detent Kit
First, it was "SL33K", now it's "GR33SE", lol.
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Originally Posted by Krunk_Kracker View Post

First, it was "SL33K", now it's "GR33SE", lol.
That's r3tard3d.
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Damn, there goes my chance to sell at of my spare SP1 parts at extreme markup... Figures NOW they come out with a right feed body....
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Originally Posted by The Inflicted View Post
That's r3tard3d.
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Why do i get the feeling the happiest some people will ever be since smart parts went bankrupt would be a head line "Gardner brother's murdered by gay sexual sadist tonight on PBN news at 11"?
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can someone please explain wtf this image has to do with paintball?

Its like they bought IStock photos and just wrote gog paintball on them. It looks like the Roman Legion raped an angel while hanging out in Japan.

Also, for all you haters.. click the warranty 'link' that doesn't go anywhere, should be enough of a message for anyone.
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Originally Posted by bigbthebenji View Post
I'll be munching on this box for months!
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* UK Distribution by
* Smart Parts LTD
* Whitegate Ashford Road
* Harrietsham
* Kent, ME17 1BJ
* +44 (0) 2081446230
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Smart Parts - Loyalhanna - Pennsylvania (PA) - USA

# United States Distribution by
# GOG Paintball USA
# 100 Station Street Loyalhanna
# PA 15661
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I point this out as if we didn't already know..

Anyways FGP

(**** GOG paintball)
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