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Originally Posted by flyweightnate View Post
"Allways (sic) one step ahead"
Looks like Billy Gardner did the web design.
no no, by "allways" he means "every way" not "every time." it's the same way how "closed bolt" means "enclosed bolt."

also, that word is probably getting ****ing patented so don't go saying it unless you want a llawwsuit.
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All this discussion on offset/vertical feeds cracks me up, especially since it's occuring on this forum...

In the beginning, there was what is now referred to as stock class. In those early guns, sights were on top of the feed tube where they were still usable.

Then came Direct Feed. Direct Feed came in left or right sides. The idea was to move the feed out of the path of your sighting, and to minimize the hoppers impact on your field of view. At this time, hoppers were still small enough to not be a significant target. In these days, markers were still mostly pump. A high ROF did not exist so the bend in the feed posed no problems. This is why there are more right feed classic guns than left feeds A right feed gun puts the hopper mostly out of the field of view of a right handed player.

Then, came markers with high Semi-ROFs (electronic markers). In this time, in the competitive scene, ROF mattered more than aiming, and the markers were approaching ROFs consistantly capable of outshooting agitating hoppers with angled feednecks. Marker manufacturers responded with Vertical Feed but, this only improved things by a 1-2BPS.

Then came force feed loaders. Contrary to popular belief, force feed loaders render feed orientation meaningless from a feedrate perspective if you consider how many people have had plenty of success doing box mag mods with Halos and reloader B's. It has just been a continuation of a trend.

So, why are they coming back? Because most people with not background bias find it easier to aim a marker with sights. And, simply put, they work better shot for shot, than just trying to look down the side of the marker. They do have their limitations though.

As we all know paintballs aren't that accurate. At closer distances, they are more accurate. A paintball shooter can compensate for this by understanding that their shots will generally spread much like a cone. So, they should center their sight on the center of this cone (by shooting a grouping and centering the sight on the center of the group).

Paintballs don't have that great of a range, and without specialized equipment, sights can't compensate for the trajectory paintballs take. Personally I find the optimal range sighting at around 75ft or less. If you get an adjustable riser from Tiberius or, Killjoy industries, you can stretch that out further but, you have to understand that the spread will be bigger. Even at 50ft, your shots won't be 'ball on ball' centered on your aim point but, if you do it right, your spread will be centered.

Now, I'm really only talking about adjustable iron sights and non-magnified dot sights. Magnification is a bit excessive for regular paintballs and, First Strikes would only merit a 2x max, and then only to more clearly see the splat when you hit your target since, they spread like paintballs but, much, much less. Also magnification increases the time it takes one to sight in on the target.

Personally, as a lefty, I don't like the Cyclone because it blocks a full third or more of my field of view will looking down the barrel. I don't know why more markers aren't doing box mags, standard. You get to aim normally, no hopper on top to get shot, you can still use pods, and the ROF of these homebrew box mags have been perfectly capable of doing tournament speeds.
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Originally Posted by Tom Kaye -in response to FS price critics
Unfortunately all of you have played the one "speedball" game of paintball for so long you can't conceive of other ways to do this and hence any new ideas seem stupid.

Originally Posted by Crimson Death View Post
First strike rounds punish lazy people. Don't be lazy and you won't have problems with first strikes.
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I am closing this becaue there are posters who do not know when to stop instigating and making troll like comments.

Have a nice day.
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