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time to sell some stuff This is a deal too good to not take advantage of.

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Does do want, any one want to buy all my stuff so i can buy one :-)
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Back to paintball.
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I wonder if this is permanent or they're just getting rid of stock :P
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Either way it means more pump players.
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can i ask a dumb question?

whats the difference between a J2L and a S6?
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Originally Posted by super_stanchy View Post
can i ask a dumb question?

whats the difference between a J2L and a S6?

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I know the question was answered about the cost of two tone dust, but what is the cost o something with a dust body and gloss accents?
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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
And one piece body/VAA which is the only difference that should matter. No more swiveling VAA
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Looking at pictures threads, J2L seems not to sell that well. So are they stopping production ?

I would be ordering one if I wasn't already ordering a S6 at the moment...

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So this doesn't apply to gloss?
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barrels are like women - everyone likes them for their subtle differences and personal preferences. ALthough at this price, they cost substantially less than women.

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