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I have yet to see this thing in person, but the price diff is $150. The relay is already an $80 upgrade, not sure why it costs that much. Ignoring that for a minute, you get a longer frame, ball bearing trigger, and tool-less bolt removal for $70 more. Seems like a pretty good deal to me. I'm not even factoring in any minor issues they've worked out and the micro switch trigger which seems to me like a more reliable and adjustable solution.
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Originally Posted by wrongbloke View Post
maybe I just had what seems to be a rare one but I really liked my mini, sad I had to sell it...this one though, way too expensive....
From what I understand the later Versions of mini (especially V3) were pretty much issue free
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Originally Posted by Spider! View Post
I'm gonna pop some aggs.
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This is ****ing awesome.
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Originally Posted by moving_target View Post
From what I understand the later Versions of mini (especially V3) were pretty much issue free
funny thing is that I had the V1. only problem with it was when it had been sitting for awhile and you gassed it up it would leak a tiny little bit down the barrel. all i had to do was screw the VA in all the way and then back it out and re-chrono. it was a little bit annoying, but considering the cost (got used for sub 200), how well it shot, and how much I liked the size (big fan of smaller markers personally), it was worth it

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I wouldn't mind having one - and I am not an electro guy. Just wish that it had a sight rail for mounting one of my Armson sights.
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I'm not usually an electro kind of guy, but I think I would like one of these. Mini's always felt like eMags to me, the way they shot and all. They were just too dang tiny for me to get real comfortable with. If this fixes that, I might look into one sometime in the future.

Call me crazy, but I like a solid 8lb setup in my hand. The Mini just couldn't do that.
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I never paid more than $180 for a MINI, and never had an issue from any of them. Once these hit the used section for $250, I will pick one up.
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We just got them in the store Tuesday. I have to say it feels a lot nicer overall than a mini. There is no side to side play on the trigger, there is a micro switch, the gun is bigger and a heavier leading to its super solid feel. The size of the gun make it easy and natural to hold which is a plus to us people without T-rex hands. Don't look at the Axe like a glorified mini, look at it like its stronger more well defined and experienced older brother. With that being said I sold my beloved dust green Mini yesterday due to me never seeing myself using it again now that I have a Axe.

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Might have to get one to try out!!
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