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Smile Changes

Changes are good.All people make the sport grow,not just the select few.
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The more I thought about it, I think the larger field is an excellent idea.

As long as the distance makes hitting each other from the starting point unlikely.

I think you should have at least a small amout of time to move out and start play instead of instant hosing by either side.

Also means you have to MOVE to engage someone.

It adds excitement (and forces using of tactics) because your opponents will be moving and doing the same thing.

As far as coaching from the sidelinges. I agree that is CHEATING.
If you are communicationg with a in play teammate, that is the spirit of the game. But some yoyo that is in no way as any risk of hits/elimination is garbage. Like hide and seek with someone telling you where to look.

As for the fan yelling out (as been suggested) positions. You simply state in the rules, posted in flyers, and anounced over the speakers that anyone doing this will be EJECTED FROM THE EVENT. There are many rules for this in other sports (ex foul language, bad behavior, ect).

Look you will not eliminate all problems, but the idea is to minimize as many as possible.

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...a step in the right direction, I am sure the longer fields will not promote the use of 50 cal paintballs

I am glad that sideline coaching is going away, the players will decide the game....
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Originally Posted by baader View Post
Or start putting the snake on the pit side.
that shure would throw everyone for a loop if the first psp event of the year had snake on pit
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Originally Posted by AlexH View Post
that shure would throw everyone for a loop if the first psp event of the year had snake on pit
but... what would that do to coaching?

since they only got rid of pit side coaching, snake side was still left in, but if snake side is pit side...

I think I just divided by 0
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I'm gonna pop some aggs.
Only got 20 rounds in my pocket.
I'm huntin'
Looking for some cover,
This is ****ing awesome.
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