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New 4+5 Deluxe Harness from Tippmann

Tippmann has just launched a new item just in time for the holiday season. Our new 4+5 deluxe harness will retail for $49 and features a large capacity pod system, lumbar support and a double wrap belt. For those players who use a remote line, be sure to check out our vest line or stay tuned for more news soon on additional harnesses that will include tank holders as well. The new harness is now in stock and can be ordered at our new e-store atTippmann Sports - 4+5 Deluxe Harness
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Silly would think most Tippmann users would want the tank holder on there too. I like my nXe 4+bottle can put a back up tank in it and the other on my gun. $20 at local pb store
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Agreed little to late & to much tippmann. As they said later they'll have one, but there are just so many on the market now.
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While this pack strays from the typical Tippmann-eer, as a speedballer/recballer, i like it. I don't need camo for any reason but it looks cool (yep, i said it - i'm attracted to its LOOKS). And cheaper than an NXe Elevation, which it reminds me of (and also is/was available in camo, just not this much camo).
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Will the pinokio pods work with this? I just got them and none of my packs are big enough. Pretty bummed out.
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I like it. When I run my Phenom I preffer a pod belt and air on gun. This is perfect. I don't need it as I have an NXE Extraktion set up but I'll probably get one as a spare/loaner.
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Wish it came in something other then digital.


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Now tell me what size tank would you have to put on your Tippman to shoot through all that paint?
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I REALLY like the idea of having, chunky, HEAVY pull tabs for the straps. Scenario and woods players usually have to put their empty pods back into their harness rather than leave them all over the field, and putting pods back into a pack with one hand is a tricky thing to do when you have to do it by touch. The extra weight of the rubber tabs should also help opened tabs to hang straight down rather than getting snagged on the velcro of their neighboring slots. Someone at Tippmann has been thinking.

One bone to pick with their ad copy though: "Memory elastic that holds its shape" on the pod loops? Really? They're just simple loops. You don't even WANT these to hold their shape, since most of the time they'll be collapsed between the main sleeves.

Originally Posted by bulldog_TT View Post
Wish it came in something other then digital.
I notice that rather than offering multiple patterns/colors, Tippmann has made one that kind of splits the difference between ACU, Marpat, and Multicam. It's not going to match any of them, but also isn't going to look terribly out of place. Good choice, in my opinion, and extra kudos to Tippmann for using OD green, rather than black webbing in the straps.

Originally Posted by Ratzo View Post
Now tell me what size tank would you have to put on your Tippman to shoot through all that paint?
As people have mentioned, most of your scenario Tippmann crowd tends to prefer remotes and vests anyway. I'm beginning to think that this harness isn't even FOR Tippmann users. This thing seems to be geared more toward your "tactical speedballer" player who uses a high-end gun in the woods.
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They do look dead on like Nxe, wonder who makes these for tippman?

Lol at "Tippman proprietary digi camo"
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