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Yeah but i would rather have a chance to win an event at D3 then waste my time in D2 not ready for it
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Originally Posted by super-cameron View Post
MIballer's exploits during his career in MI6 are what the Austin Powers movies are based on.
Originally Posted by skullcandy1993 View Post
In a fight of Superman and Chuck Norris...MIballer wins
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Originally Posted by AlexH View Post
lol. playing in PSP is somthing alot of paintball players will never do. i agree and if you dont play PSP you should prolly just leave this thread.
Why is that? Does PSP run paintball or something?
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Originally Posted by criticalhammer View Post
Because when the economy is doing well demand is up which drives up prices. So widget A would cost 3x at retail when the economy is doing well but will only cost 1x when the economy is doing **** . This reflects peoples willingness to spend money on non needs items. But im using this as a comparison to a market as a whole and not a small selective group of consumers like yourself who do not change their views when the economy changes.
There is a small misconception there. The price of goods isn't that elastic.

It does go up (slightly) when the economy is 'booming', mainly because people have more money and the amount of goods has decreased (inflation). But when the economy slows, it's really bad business practice to lower prices. That is pretty much the first step to bankruptcy.

Also, people spend ALL of their savings (and more), so when the economy is bad = less earnings = less savings = less spending. Simple. Price hardly ever enters into the equation (really!).
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Originally Posted by TechPB-Mike View Post
We had 4 majors, 1 minor.

That's 4 games we had no chance of winning.

Say what you want, we still won two games in division 2. That's an achievement 99.99999% of paintball players will never achieve. I'd much rather be on the field getting my *** kicked than sitting behind my computer screen taking screen shots.

This was me at PSP World Cup 2010 playing D2 5 Man-

but maybe in your world, pecking on a keyboard is a bigger achievement than PULLING AND HANGING THE FLAG in D2 5 man.

(peck peck peck)
Easy there "eric felix" winning/playing at the D2 level takes nothing more than money. You should stick to making youtube videos...I on the other hand have accomplished more significant paintball victories prior to 1997 when you were still using CO2 on your minimag as an excuse for your teams demise.
- Bubkat
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Originally Posted by Surge-NS View Post
Merged the two similar threads.
Thing is, when the cash needs to come, everybody hurts, and the college guys and older guys with families or bills have a hard time paying. No matter how good you are right now, a 15 year old with mom and dad's credit card will have an easier time of competing than you.
This is the story of my life. I played lots of big tournaments in the late 90's. At about the age of 20 I was in college, I sold most of my equipment for cash. I was out of paintball for almost the entire decade. I just got back into the sport last year, now that I am 29 and have disposable income again.

But as to the failing state of the industry, has anyone considered the effect of all the massive buy/sell/trade forums? A lot of people won't buy gear at retail prices anymore, and I know a lot of players who haven't bought a part in their local shop for a long time. It's like any industry, it is up to the consumer to help support the local economy, the "Mom & Pop" shops. How is Dye supposed to support the PSP when everyones playing with used DM's?
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closing thread before someone's mangina gets hurt.
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