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Originally Posted by Castro #66 View Post
Who lets people shoot these into CQB rooms?!
At most fields I've been to with buildings, you can shoot a nerf into a room to clear it. So yeah, if you're in a window on the front line, you expect a nerf to come flying at you. Especially at those events where anyone who runs a LAW can carry as many shots as they want. At Blanding I saw someone running around with a revolver LAW a couple of years ago when they could shoot the LAW at the ground and anyone within 20' was dead. He had a bag of about 20 rockets on him and was honestly unstoppable on the field if he had a couple of players with him to keep people off while he reloaded.

I'm not a fan of LAWs for anything other than anti-tank weaponry. If I wanted to play NERF war, I would stay home and play with my 3 year old.

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Originally Posted by Daze View Post
I'm not a fan of LAWs for anything other than anti-tank weaponry. If I wanted to play NERF war, I would stay home and play with my 3 year old.

at LL2 i was shot out more frequently with nerfs then with paintballs.
wow, seriously? leave me the **** alone.

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heck my Havoc has a greater range & moar accuracy than any paintball marker
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Originally Posted by SHAG View Post
Nice they should make it bright colors though. This way the rocket can be tracked from shooter to target from a ref PoV and easier to find when need for recovery. ***Nevermind found the bright color orange rocket collection. Just forward this to my RPG carriers on the team.*** I am sure these will not be your average nerf rocket. I would love to have a few for our tank gun because they just look ****ing cool. As for a direct shot towards a person, what kind of mass do these RPGs have. They might hurt a bit.
He has several other types, these giant ones are just new I guess.

He primarily makes airsoft related items but some stuff like the smaller shells can translate into paintball pretty well. As far as the shells go, he makes them himself and I know he spent quite a bit of time working out a foam formula. I'm sure he'd answer any questions if you asked.

Those huge ones might be a bit large for paintball use and obviously have more mass so there would be a better chance of dislodging a mask. I'd expect the field owners would need to approve anything used.

Still, I think all of this is pretty timid compared to what used to be allowed. Doesn't anyone remember the large ordnance days where stuff like this was coming at you on the field? This is a Tippmann Ordnance shell filled with 20oz of paint.


Originally Posted by senghing27
Note: While I would love to take credit for his work, I am not associated with Mad Customs!
You can contact BigMatt-MadCustoms in his MCB forum
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