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Originally Posted by Spoon View Post
where you are only going to get 5-6 games.
You can fight them on this as i have in the past.
DC 2009 they wanted everyone to play everyone once. it would have made for 5 games per team. I pointed out that THE RULEBOOK states all teams are entitled to play 8 games.

SO if you got stuck somewhere with playing less than 8 games than you sir had the opportunity to fight it. They cant go back on what the rulebook says must be done.

I will be in HB, i dont expect it to sell out again, but like ive said earlier in this thread i go for the vacation, the good people, the great friends, and a little NATIONAL pump competition.
Originally Posted by John Wayne View Post
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Pricing is so disappointing. Absolutely outrageous. Looks like they're trying to 'make up the difference' on paint sales that Pump doesn't make with stacking up the entry fees. People should make a statement and go completely stick feed and buy a bag of paint per team...

They've also reduced the number of divisions. No more D3 5 man?

I'm completely dumbfounded...That's almost a 100% hike over last year if you caught the $700 entry last year and don't make the early bird this year.

I mean, playing on the beach is fun, but so is a new Tag Heuer or a week long binge in Aruba...

NPPL should be offering up some sort of statement as to what warrants the drastic increase in Pump and not the other divisions.
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"pump is in, semi is not

now bend over and take it."

just a guess?
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Originally Posted by super_stanchy View Post
"pump is in, semi is not

now bend over and take it."

just a guess?

Even Bob Long is going to make an expensive high end pump... Does that mean we're agg now?
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Pump players made a lot of demands on the NPPL last year and it looks like those caught up with us.

I think the lower prices were to try and jumpstart the pump division in past years. However, pump isn't really cheaper for them to run than semi games so they are closing the gap. We still take up field and refs time.

If they were trying to screw pump teams, then they'd be charging them more than semi teams. However, they are still charging us less than any other division. Just not as much less as they have in t

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