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Originally Posted by Advanced View Post
I'm not sure why we're bailing out people who bought a gun for $1000 that they knew was going to have 0 support and parts.

I mean, it's generous, but realistically, people should know better.
seriously? Who is WE? Is any of the $500 coming out of your pocket. This is not being done with tax dollars. They are just tired of servicing them and inorder to boost the number of their markers in the market they are offering an incentive to buy a new gun. I am sure they are still making money when the new gun is purchased and they have one less impulse that will come in for servicing. It is a win win for the company. No where is this a bail out. Also it keeps you from going and buying an NT and keeps the money in the family!
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I love watching threads like this. The reaction to a company that worked with SP (or was owned, or was just associated with SP, who knows anymore) is absolutely fascinating. I honestly can't blame anyone for their suspicions, stranger things have happened.

I suppose if you don't want to worry about it, you could always buy a pump.
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Hrm, doesn't work as well as "the man with the golden gun".

Feedback thread-
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