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Originally Posted by DEADorALIVE View Post
just looked on your website. you charge $160 for a case of paint. it's a wonder your field is still opened.
It's a different kind of field. It's somewhat common to see cases up to $210 or so in some places (looking at you, Toronto).

As I understand it, Horizons field emphasizes limited paint and pump to some extent.

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Originally Posted by DEADorALIVE View Post
just looked on your website. you charge $160 for a case of paint. it's a wonder your field is still opened.
Horizon subscribes to the less paint same amount of fun aspect. Its a pretty decent theory.. stops people from just throwing cases down the field.
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Originally Posted by Drachen View Post
Troll some?
I'm assuming his prices are in Canadian, considering he's in Canada...sooooo....
soooo.....$160 can = $163.62 us

regardless, i just thought that was a bold statement coming from someone who apparently thinks it's a bad thing to screw anyone over. and....TJMNSHO

and i understand what he's saying. smart parts did it with the ion years ago. business in general is a gamble so if you lose, you have no one to blame but yourself since you were the one that threw your money on the table. i think kingman gambled producing these pistols and are now licking their wounds by offering them to the public at rock bottom prices. believe it or not, dealer pricing went down too.

honestly, if you had the chance to either 1) sit there with no sales at all on a particular product and make the cash back you spent on them or 2) continue to lose even further incurring the tremendous costs it takes to run a business(which i'm sure none of you have a clue) because some dealers already bought them for about what you are now selling them for retail, which would you choose? i'm not making excuses for anyone, just stating what i see going on here.

in the end, the customers are racking the benefits.
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