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Pants and Jerseys added to Tippmann Tactical Gear Line

Tippmann is pleased to announce that our new Tippmann Camo jerseys and pants are in stock and ready to ship. These items along with our vests, harnesses, and holster complete the Tippmann Tactical Gear line. We know players have many choices but this new line not only provides exceptional value but also has many features you would normally see on much higher cost gear.

The Field Jersey and Pant combo will retail for around $80 and the feature-loaded Special Forces Jersey and Pant combo will retail for $120. Both styles utilize the same quality materials for the jersey and pants, while the Special Forces series takes the user experience to the next level with built-in protection and many value added features. Of course when you combine the vests, harnesses or camo holster, you now have a complete tactical package at a great price.

This line was developed and tested with many of the Tippmann scenario teams to ensure we provided you the best product available. Below is a small sample of the responses we have received from our teams:

I was amazed at the look and additional touches that these new pants and jerseys had right out of the box. The lightweight material and the extra padding in the right places makes this uniform a must for all woodsballers. Conley Sheppard, Team Cobra.
I was impressed with the feel and features of the jersey. It has breathable, stretchable material and excellent elbow padding. As a vest wearer I also liked the additional shoulder padding and that the jersey has a draw string at the bottom of the torso to keep out foliage and dirt which is a nice touch. Jared Bronson, Team Bad Karma
Flat out, these pants rock! First, they have a solid fabric outer layer with a breathable mesh inner layer. I like the cushion on the knees to help with that errant rock behind a bunker. Mike Kramer, Great Lake Rangers

You can check out the complete Tippmann Tactical gear line out at most paintball dealers or by going to Tippmann Sports - Apparel and Gear, Jerseys/Pants.

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from one pant guy to another, those pants (the special forces pants) look pretty dope. Can't wait to check them out at the TIPPMANN trailer at Castle.

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What colours/patterns will be available?

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Originally Posted by SnowZone View Post
What colours/patterns will be available?
What he said!

Digging the style of the jersey, but not the camo.
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If I could get that top set in a black jersey, and maybe camo pants (not sure if I want black pants or what) I could see myself wearing that jersey around at school
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This is ****ing awesome.
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the special forces gear looks great! quick question for TippmannEmployee1:

are the "padded elbow and forearm" sections on the special forces jersey designed to replace elbow pads or just supplement them for a bit of added protection?

edit: no size small?? i'm 5' 6" 120lbs soaking wet , no size small is a problem

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It is pretty padded but i still wear my nxe elbow pads.
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Where are they made? I have a few guys interested, however they only use and wear US made gear.
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Please have more than UCPish available! Looks like a winner, but UCP is on the out and out, you'll have more people clambering for other patterns to match their loadout.

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They look good. Can't wait to see them in person! Good to see Tippmann completely a full line now!!
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